2023 Top Producers

The commercial real estate industry is incredibly competitive, and being a top-performing advisor requires a unique set of attributes such as perseverance, a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to build and maintain relationships. Our team of advisors embody these traits and have consistently demonstrated their ability to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the award-winning team members listed below for their dedication to going above and beyond for their clients, and for setting an example of excellence in their field.

2023 Annual Production Awards

The following production awards are based on the numbers alone. These 159 producers are leading the way to the success and growth of Cresa by consistently performing at the highest levels. The people listed below, are the very definition of “lead by example”.



Top Producer:

Zac Conley



Chairman’s Award:

Brooks Morris

Jim Bob Taylor

Michael Bennett


Top Producer:

Andy Roberts

Billy Hobbs

Bubba Chrismer

Daniel Vander Maten

Jason Jones

Joseph Grace



President’s Award:

Jacob Hernandez

Scott Studzinski


Top Producer:

Brad Buckman

Chris Skyles



President’s Award:

Scott Wingrat



Chairman’s Award:

Adam Subber

Dan Sullivan

Greg Lewis

Jack Burns

Mark Mulvey

Tim Myllykangas

Vicki Keenan


President’s Award:

Joe Doyle

Kelly Lagergren


Top Producer:

Andrew Orpik

Derek Losi

John Coakley

Matt Harvey

Maureen Young

Paul Delaney



Chairman’s Award:

Damon Harmon

Byron Wakeling


President’s Award:

David Miles


Top Producer:

Kendra Pinder

Bob MacDougall



Top Producer:

Christianna Williams

Zach McLaren

Scott Dumler



Chairman’s Award:

Brad Metzger

Ed Lowenbaum


President’s Award:

Richard Morris


Top Producer:

Allen Rogoway

Liz Spence

Michael Marrion



Chairman’s Award:

Alex Coe

Barrett Bufkin

Ben Gibbs

Brad Struck

Clint Manning

Darren Woodson

Damian Rivera

Jim Hazard

John Pelletier

Sharon Morrison


President’s Award:

Ann Harts


Top Producer:

Austin Fahy

Austin Studebaker

Christopher Schafer

Jarrett Dunaway

Jay Neikirk

John Bollman

Mitch Wolff

Tyler Clutts



Chairman’s Award:

Bill Baldwin

Chad Kollar

Garrett Johnson


President’s Award:

Rick Door


Top Producer:

Mike Statter

Rachel Trice



Chairman’s Award:

Curt Stanton

Ryan Bertin



Top Producer:

Todd Walker



Top Producer:

Gary Lawless

Will Condrey


Kansas City

President’s Award:

Dan Durkin


Los Angeles

Chairman’s Award:

David Kutzer

Dennis Smith

James Friedrich

Jeff Mintz


Top Producer:

Christopher Downs

Jerry Porter

James Jandro

James Robbins

Jim Travers

Lawson Martin

Matt Miller


Miami  / South Florida 

Chairman’s Award:

Adam Talbot

Jeff Hartsook

Robert Orban

Zach Talbot


Top Producers: 

Bob Schneiderman



Top Producer:

Bruce Cowper

Laurent Abergel


New Jersey

Chairman’s Award:

Dennis Gralla

Jonathan Marks


Top Producer:

Glenn DiGiacomo

Mitch Roman


New York

Chairman’s Award:

Andrew Stein

Bert Rosenblatt

Michael Doetsch

Michael Goldman


Top Producer:

Gabriela Koshgarian

Gregg Cohen

Jane Roundell

Leslie Keidan

Michael Okun

Peter Sabesan

Robert Sattler



Top Producer:

Eric Rose



President’s Award:

Matt Feeney


Top Producer:

Jeff Baker



Chairman’s Award:

Gary Gregg

Scott Maxwell


President’s Award:

Jason Malcolm

Rod Beach


Top Producer:

Ted Liles

Brandon Clarke



President’s Award:

Blake St. Onge


Top Producer:

Kelsey Machuca


Salt Lake City

Top Producer:

Michael Chappell


San Diego

Top Producer:

Justin Walseth


San Francisco

Chairman’s Award:

Stephen Carlson


Top Producer:

Craig Zodikoff



Chairman’s Award:

Brian Hayden

Mark Fox

Matt Hermsen


President’s Award:

Dan Flinn  


Top Producer:

Dan Foster

Ian Ducharme

Jake Michael

Jack Story

Zach Dinsmore



Chairman's Award: 

Mark Zettel

Sean Hoehn

Steve Rector 


President’s Award:

Dean Newman

Jamie Grossman

Jeff Sharpe

Mark Bleiwas

Mark Skynner


Top Producer:

Matthew Rosenberg

Jeff Good


Washington D.C.

Chairman’s Award:

Andrew Renart

Avery Rand

Gene Sachs

Jonathan Harms

Mindy Saffer

Rich Rhodes

Samuel Heiber

Tom Birnbach


President’s Award:

Erica King

Jake Ruben

Samuel Abramson


Top Producer:

Chad Rudden

Christopher Feehley

Joshua Freedenberg

Kenneth King

Natalie Gosnell

Sebastian Arrivillaga

LaMean Koroma

Steve Schaumberg



Our project managers work collaboratively with transaction managers to ensures our clients' spaces are strategically conceived, efficiently designed and executed to balance quality, cost and timely performance. Below are our top five performing project management teams. We extend our sincere thanks to the award-winning team members highlighted below for their unwavering dedication to surpassing client expectations and for exemplifying excellence in their field.


1. Toronto

Barbara Wright

Courtney Searle

Ella Facchini

Linda Perkins

May Chaaya

Miah Dela Rosa

Michael Lomax

Michael Wasyliw

Naomi Farrukh

Peter Jarmoszko


2. Phoenix

Beth Stein

Brooke Mackenzie

Cory Shepard

Isaac Lane

Jake Tabish

Jackie Posta

Jame Legaspi

Jason Wery

Jennifer Ford

Kelly Branch

Madeline McNeill

Moe Snyder

Shane Coppedge


3. Boston

Abby Denton

Amy Braun

Barry Dube

Christopher Strailman

Claudia Villanueva

Dustin Schrougham

Dwight Patten

Jack Sharkey

John Fitzgerald

John Fogle

Luis Flores

Matthew Wilson

Natalie Hazzan

Patrick O'Neill

Paul Bedard

Peter Bechunas

Rachel Stilling

Samantha Lemus

Samira Sundrani

Santosh Suresh

Tazrin Tofanelli


4. Washington DC

Corinne Brady


5. San Francisco

Ann Marie Lopez

Anne Holcomb

Ileana Ray

Lina Tran

Stephen Linehan