Los Angeles

James Robbins

Senior Vice President


James leads a team that advises organizations how to make more informed decisions with real estate. He ensures a company’s first largest fixed cost (real estate) is an asset to grow the company rather than be the typical liability. Through his lease negotiation process he usually saves organizations 10%-30% on their lease and have worked with companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft, John Hancock, the LA Auto Show, and many local and regional companies.


Los Angeles
555 South Flower Street
Suite 4650
Los Angeles, CA 90071



My firm has worked with James on a difficult renegotiation of our Downtown Los Angeles office space. He was smart, insightful and persistent on our behalf. Then when COVID started, he volunteered to speak with our landlord about delaying our rent payments. That was also not an easy process as everyone, including we the client, was highly stressed in those first weeks of the stay at home order. He handled a lot stress with aplomb and good cheer and was helpful in our resolving this issue. I would recommend him highly and will be working with him again.
Keith Rohman  |   President
Public Interest Investigations, Inc.
James studied at Imperial College London and Loyola Marymount University and holds his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Loyola Marymount University.
James is a Member of the Jonathan Club, Toastmasters, the Breakfast Club, Squash Club, the LMU Alumni Association, and the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. James’s enjoys volunteering at the Homes for Hope Foundation, Jonathan Club service events, and Heal the Bay beach clean ups.
James has represented organizations such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, the National Basketball Association (NBA), John Hancock, the LA Auto Show, Live Nation, Heal the Bay, Jacobs Engineering, Asiana Airlines, Penta Building Group, and many smaller local and regional companies.