Just like businesses, nonprofits run on strategic priorities and cost efficiencies. Unlike for-profit counterparts, decisions are made through a more complex real estate process with multiple stakeholders and decision models.  Fortunately, Cresa is successful at turning challenges into smart, strategic opportunities.

You work for a cause, not a paycheck. We value relationships, not transactions.

Nonprofits’ approach to real estate is very different from other businesses’. Funding issues can be less certain, tax issues more constraining and approval processes more complicated. With office space as the second largest cost, creating an office environment that enhances your organizations efforts to promote your mission to donors, members and guests while attracting and retaining the most desired talent are critical goals.

We partner with nonprofit occupiers to align your mission, goals and community relationships with your space and workplace strategies. No matter what type of nonprofit you are, we present to your executive team, finance committee and full board to ensure transparency and accountability for all real estate decisions. Then, we apply an integrated approach to manage every stage of the real estate life cycle through negotiation to implementation and the final build-out of your space. Cresa also commits to the nonprofit community by participating through sponsoring client events, being members of industry associations, sitting on boards and volunteering our time.


Managing Principal

Mindy Saffer

Phone: 202.783.3896


Senior Vice President

Lucia Hedke

Phone: 202.628.0300


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