Cresa Honors Up and Coming Talent with the Rising Star Awards

Cresa’s Rising Star Awards are given to up and coming leaders within the company. Congratulations to this year’s 22 recipients.

Rising Stars

Tanner Borchardt, Omaha
Tanner’s team-oriented and collaborative approach, willingness to help others in the office, and overall persistence in learning the business make the recipient an ideal candidate for this award.

Jay Neikirk, Dallas
Jay has an overall positive influence on the culture of the Dallas office and is always providing a positive impact on this their peers.

Sam Highfield, Corporate Finance
Sam has an innate ability create a positive work environment by building trusting relationships which reinforces our collaborative culture. She constantly pursues opportunities to learn and improve, proving she is a problem solver through unique and innovative ways and a core asset to our Finance team.

Melissa LeMay, Boston
Melissa is a joy to work with, accountable, and continually goes above and beyond anything that is asked of them.

Kelsey Machuca, Portland
Kelsey is instrumental to everything we are building in Portland. Beyond her ability to connect and engage with clients and other partner advisors on projects, she is an incredible brand ambassador.

Ben Sample, Houston
Ben has established that growth trajectory with a collaborative team approach, a high degree of professionalism, both inside and outside the office environment.

Michelle Yang, Workplace Solutions
Michelle is the epitome of Cresa core values: a persistent and tenacious collaborator whose contributions are invaluable to her clients and team members.

Erik Carlson, San Francisco
Erik’s affable disposition, disciplined approach, and consistent practice contribute to our team’s culture. He serves as a role model among his junior peers through collaboration and readily sharing best practices.

Ryan Stewart, Atlanta
Ryan is an integral part of the success of the Atlanta Industrial Team. He is very detail-oriented and always deliver tour books, BOVs, market intel or whatever is asked of him with no mistakes and on time.

Adam Raithby, Toronto
Adam’s work ethic, work style, including use of our technology platforms, and likable nature has helped him earn first place in our Toronto internal sales contests over five consecutive quarters.

Eric Pinchak, Philadelphia
Aside from their business acumen, Eric has always embodied Cresa’s Core Value of “Do the Right Thing.” He is always willing and able to help. Eric consistently brings a positive attitude to the office. We are lucky to have him as a part of our Philadelphia office.

Adam Talbot, Miami
Adam is a mentor to the younger brokers in the Miami office with cold calling, honing their script etc. He is the first one in and the last one to leave.

Rob Anderson, Denver
Rob’s work and personal ethics are top-notch and make everyone around him feel and be a better person. A gift few people ever mastered.

David Sidell, DC
A can-do attitude and infectious enthusiasm have contributed to successful delivery of complex projects in excess of $350 - $400k for David, as well as strengthening relationships with clients.

Chris Feehley, DC
Chris’ positive attitude, discipline and exemplary business development skills have contributed to his meteoric growth at Cresa, including partnering with colleagues and serving as a role model for younger advisors.

Nicholas Farnden, Edmonton
Nicholas is a determined, hardworking and very well-liked broker that exemplifies all the characteristics that Cresa looks for in our fleet of brokers, we see his abilities as a perfect fit for us going forward.

Todd Stevens, Albany
Todd is always willing to go above and beyond for teammates and clients. Clients are always thankful for the value he brings to the transaction and recognize the hard work that Tod puts in on their behalf.

Alex Gerome, New York City
Determination and motivation for cold calling from Alex is beyond impressive. He is relentless in trying to find a way to secure a meeting with a potential client whether it is lease auditing, project management or technology.

Madeline Rumpf, Phoenix
Madeline’s ability to communicate and connect with her clients provides confidence and security that they will deliver their projects successfully.

Harrison Hale, Corporate Accounting
Trustworthy and reliable, efficient and adaptable, Harrison values personal and professional integrity. He has a passion for problem-solving, a tremendous sense of accountability and takes a proactive approach to supporting, and mentoring, our Finance & Accounting teams.

Jessica Dionne, Corporate Marketing
Jess is a graphic designer who is constantly collaborating across various teams and exceeding expectations.

Matt Sacks, Baltimore
Matt’s demeanor, coupled with a consistent effort has already yielded him both local and national engagements and opportunities, including numerous fortune 500 companies.