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Client Objectives

Slaton Bros. Inc. is a civil engineering firm that provides design and construction services for earth retention, ground improvement and soil stabilization needs. They are part of a global network of geotechnical resources and expertise. Through an affiliated company represented by Cresa, Slaton Bros. was introduced to the local Dallas Team to assist with an immediate office relocation for which negotiations were already underway.

Before engaging Cresa, Slaton Bros. began working directly with their landlord to downsize and relocate within the current building. When Cresa was introduced, the Team began auditing the landlord’s proposal against other lease opportunities in the market. Soon after, Slaton Bros. toured spaces with Cresa to obtain a comprehensive understanding of neighboring lease availabilities and cost comparison. Shortly after, sites were short-listed, and proposals were sent out in order to create leverage against the current proposal in-hand.

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Rather than remain within its current building as initially planned, Slaton Bros. decided to relocate to a nearby property based on a lease term and rental rate that were more favorable from a financial, operational and cultural perspective. With the help of Cresa’s professional advisory services, Slaton Bros. was able successfully relocate and complete the process within three and a half months while also experiencing no down-time. 

Cresa was able to negotiate for a newly built office space with elevator exposure that included multiple months of free rent, a decreased starting rental rate than the building’s marketed lease rate, and turnkey construction so that Slaton Bros. did not come out of pocket for any of the construction costs.
At first I was hesitant to use Cresa as I thought it would be easier to handle on my own. Talk about a breath of fresh air! Alex Coe was amazing and did a fantastic job in jumping in and handling everything. We built a great relationship and I consider Alex a friend after the deal was done. I will and would refer them to anyone looking to make a change in office locations as they are responsive and professional and handle everything. All I had to do was pick the location and they took care of everything else. Great experience and I will use them if we make any relocations in the future!
Michael McKenzie  |  Texas Division Manager
Slaton Bros, Inc.