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Client Objectives

Executive Exteriors is a specialty roofing firm founded to provided high-quality craftsmanship for residential and commercial properties and also help home & business owners with insurance claims and repairs. Over the last four years, Executive Exteriors has experienced exponential, organic growth throughout the State of Texas through its distinctive reputation, network and professional references in the marketplace. Such growth put plans in motion to expand into a larger facility that could house a product and testing showroom, office space, and sales center. Executive Exteriors engaged Cresa to identify a property in North Dallas that matched their vision for the brand and current/future business objectives.


Early in the site selection process, Cresa qualified potential sale and lease opportunities that would fulfill Executive Exteriors’ business goals. After careful review of the market, the Team worked to target and compare select options while analyzing underlying costs of buying versus leasing. Leasing was determined to be the better business decision in order to provide an optimal environment for business growth over forthcoming years.

Leveraging financial models and data comparisons, Cresa strategically negotiated an agreement to acquire sublease space which was 20% larger in square-footage than the alternative option, but whose total cost over term was significantly less. The sublease included a high-end installation with 18’ ceilings, offices, training area, storage rooms and existing like-new furniture at no capital expenditure to Executive Exteriors.

Relocating to Dallas, Cresa effectively assisted Executive Exteriors in growing its footprint over 80% and position the company to have the largest specialty roofing showroom in Texas.

Alex Coe is a true expert. He advised Executive Exteriors every step of the way and the result was incredible. Without Alex we would have never found such an incredible space to expand and realize our vision.
Drake Gordon  |  President
Executive Exteriors