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Client Objectives

Titan Laboratories, Inc. has been producing commercially blended chemicals for over 35 years. Through a worldwide network of distributors, Titan Labs provides products for paving, roofing, window cleaning, carpet care, flooring, adhesive removal, converting and janitorial professionals.

Titan Labs was facing a lease expiration in an increasingly desirable area of Dallas where rents has been commanding new historical heights.


After providing notice of relocation ambitions, Cresa was able to enter into aggressive lease renewal negotiations with Titan Labs’ landlord. During the third round, Cresa negotiated a rental rate that was noticeably less than the landlord’s initial offer. With the added free rent and tenant improvement allowance, Titan Labs was able to achieve significant savings over the term of the new lease. Importantly, Titan Labs renewed without having the disrupt its business and manufacturing of customer products.
Alex Coe and the Cresa team were able to identify multiple alternative locations as well as provide data that eliminated other areas very quickly. His straightforward and honest communication with our current landlord painted a clear picture of what it would take to get us to renew. Ultimately, we were able to stay in place with favorable terms. This was the second lease deal with Alex and once again he delivered!
Jamie Smith  |  President
Titan Labs