Honoring Cresa's Rising Stars of 2022

The Rising Star Awards are given to up and coming leaders across the organization. Congratulations to this year’s 16 recipients!


Danny Vander Maten, Vice President
7 years with Cresa
Danny's production has steadily increased earning him the Top Producer Award. He has launched his own podcast on Business X radio and is very involved in the North Fulton County Chamber of Commerce and other organizations. Danny has collaborated with many brokers in our office to chase and transact business. He is an overall great team player and great example of the Cresa brand.



Clare Holland, Senior Advisor, Account Managemente
4 years with Cresa

Clare has become one of Boston’s most valued team members, consistently raising the bar for excellence in client service and delivery. She always brings a positive can do attitude to her work and continues to broaden her knowledge of our business and the extensive portfolio account that she supports. In addition, Clare balances big-picture strategy with an eye for detail and has become a trusted advisor to our client and account team at large. Her ambitious nature and business acuity make her a stellar addition to the community of past award recipients. We are endlessly impressed with Clare’s innovative problem-solving and relentless commitment to the client, and we are immensely proud to nominate her for this recognition.


Eugene Ballantine, Manager, Finance & Research
5 years with Cresa 

Eugene serves as the Cresa Chicago Manager of Finance and Research. He is incredibly proactive and essential to our research process which aids in finding and securing deals. His insight helps us to paint a picture of every client that we work with so that we can better understand and meet their business needs. Around the office, Eugene is always ready to step in and help with any situation that may arise. He has an in-depth understanding of current market trends, making him a trusted source of information for everyone here at Cresa Chicago. His insights and expertise are valued and appreciated by the team, and he is more than happy to explain and educate on these complex topics. Eugene is a pleasure to work with and has forged wonderful connections in the Cresa Chicago office. He is always the first to volunteer when help is needed, and continues to positively impacted our office culture as a whole. 

Client Solutions

Brittney Lane, Account Manager 
4 years with Cresa

Brit joined Cresa’s Client Solutions team in March 2022 and made an immediate impact. She is the consummate team player, and this was truly put to the test when Liz went out unexpectedly in July. Brit rolled up her sleeves and jumped in on projects and reporting. She revamped one client’s activity report and transitioned it to Smartsheet’s. She is always ready to help, whether that is with short notice client requests or mentoring other advisors. Additionally, Brit was the first to put her hand up to be an inaugural co-chair of Women of Cresa and has done a fantastic job growing that employee resource group, planning programming, and engaging the women at our firm. Brit embodies Cresa’s core values, regularly exceeds expectations and is valued highly by her peers. 



Jacob Stelton, Digital Marketing Associate
1 year with Cresa

Jacob has made a huge impact in his first year with Cresa. He came into the company and immediately took ownership of our digital marketing function, showing maturity and leadership beyond his years. He has taken the lead role in launching Act-On, our new marketing automation platform - working with people across the company to ensure this is a successful initiative that makes a big impact on business development. He is easy to work with and a fun person to have on our team!


Austin Fahy, Senior Advisor
2 years with Cresa

From day one, Austin has performed at a high level and engaged in the culture and life of the organization. Austin specializes in partnering with third-party logistics (3PL) companies and manufacturers across the country, providing tenant advisory services and creating supply chain solutions around their real estate needs. He has grown into a trusted occupier advocate for his clients, and his industry knowledge has grown exponentially as he has worked side-by-side with some of our strongest advisors and industry experts. His growing expertise and expanding national 3PL network allows him to fully integrate himself into organizations in order to structure creative strategies and achieve his client’s financial and strategic goals. He has invested his time mastering our powerful technology and analytics platforms so that he can drive informed decision-making. In the office, Austin is a valued colleague and friend. Always ready to be a part of a team or jump in to assist. He is instrumental in developing and implementing our intern program as the co-lead of that effort.

Los Angeles 

James Robbins, Senior Vice President 
9 years with Cresa  

James is actively supportive of the LA region’s recruiting and training program, and is the leader of our summer intern program.  We can count on James to be in the office every day, leading with business development and constantly winning new business.


Erick Tjarks, Vice President 
2 years with Cresa 

Since joining Omaha in a full-time capacity in late 2021, Erick has single-handedly elevated our service delivery for not only our existing or pending build to suit projects through his credit/debt background and financial modeling skills, but he's also seamlessly integrated himself into our portfolio transaction management processes, serving as my day-to-day transaction manager.  He's also taken a leading role within the office as our designated analyst and acceleration play POC for internal sales meetings, while also serving as our local subject matter expert when applicable questions or needs arise.  Erick has also taken significant work off my plate, which helps me better allocate time to supporting our team so I can continue to drive new account revenues.  Erick is the single reason we had a strong 2022.  Without him, our continued upward trajectory would simply not be possible.



Lukas Samson, Business Development Representative
2 years with Cresa 

As a highly motivated and accomplished Business Representative, Lukas brings a track record of exceptional performance to his role at Cresa Ottawa. With only 8 months of commercial real estate, Lukas has signed over 130,000 square feet of engagement assignments during his tenure at the company. He is a strategic thinker with a proven ability to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities, leveraging his great direct email marketing and prospecting skills to generate leads and build strong client relationships.


Jake Tabish, Assistant Project Manager
2 years with Cresa

Jake has rapidly navigated the innerworkings of a large industrial project management portfolio account and has become the go-to contact for large and small projects.  He has developed a reputation as a savvy, get-it-done and easy to work with capable project manager.  Jake has not only been a valuable member of two large portfolio accounts but has started to manage his own projects outside of account based work.  Jake has placed a focus on business development and is working through bringing in his own project management opportunity outside of the Cresa transaction managers.  Jake continues to elevate the Phoenix Project Management brand and embodies the characteristics of a reliable team member and trusted partner.  Jake’’s energy, drive and initiative creates a strong culture amongst the team and office.


Matthew Hirshman, Senior Advisor
2 years at Cresa

Matt Hirshman came to Cresa in January of 2020, as an advisor and was recently promoted to Senior Advisor, having increased his revenue by more than double over 2021. Hirshman is known for his intense work ethic on developing new business and building his network.  His ability to cold call is unmatched.  And his love of the Philadelphia Eagles is unwavering! We are lucky to have Matt in Philly and look forward to seeing him succeed!

San Francisco

Andrew McShea, Director, Life Science Research & Analytics
3 years at Cresa

Andrew has exceeded all expectations in his short tenure at Cresa.  He is a critical component to our Life Sciences team responsible for providing market research, competitive set analytics and financial analysis.  He is managing and training two other individuals in our region to help build similar tools and provide resources beyond the Life Sciences team.  Andrew not only takes initiative and responsibility in his role, but also, has created analytical tools for use client facing presentations.  In short, Andrew McShea has made us more effective and added a tremendous value both locally and nationally. 


Jeff Sharpe, Senior Advisor, Sales Representative
5 years with Cresa

Jeff''s ability to transition into commercial real estate, learn the industry and engrain himself within the organization has been impressive to be a part of and watch.  He has continually improved his skills, has experienced steady revenue growth beyond expectation based on his tenure and always maintains a positive and consistent presence in our office.  This is also during the heights of COVID as he had only been in the business for two years when COVID hit and shut everything down.  Jeff''s work ethic and desire to give led him to a volunteer position on the social committee as he helped organize several fun outings for the office all while not losing focus on the importance of consistent business development and serving his clients.  Any principal who has partnered with Jeff on an assignment has provided feedback that he is highly detail oriented, a team-player and adept at managing a project timeline beyond his years.  We are thrilled to have Jeff play an important role in our office and look forward to his continued accomplishments and contributions to the industry and our organization.  Congratulations Jeff on this well-deserved recognition.

Washington, DC

Corinne Brady Vice President, Project Management
4 years with Cresa 

Corinne consistently delivers outstanding results for her clients. Her exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders make her an invaluable asset to any project. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Corinne has also shown great dedication to her community as an activist for the Washington DC CoreNet Chapter. She has taken on a leadership role in heading up the young leaders cohort, mentoring and inspiring future leaders in the field of corporate real estate. Corinne was the winner of the Young Leader of the Year Award in 2022. Her passion for her work, the success of her team and the tenant’s goals, and her commitment to making a positive impact on her community make her an ideal candidate for the Rising Star Award. I am confident that she will continue to make significant contributions to both her profession and her community in the years to come.

Avery Rand Senior Vice President, Transaction Management
5 years with Cresa

Avery has become the fastest advisor in the DC region to reach the Senior Vice President status, a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication. This achievement is primarily driven by his outstanding earnings, showcasing his remarkable skills in generating results for his clients. Moreover, Avery's unwavering commitment is evident in his unwavering presence in the office, being present every day since he started, regardless of the challenges posed by the pandemic. This level of dedication and resilience sets him apart and demonstrates his unwavering work ethic. Lastly, Avery's ability to work harmoniously with all advisors and consistently receive rave reviews as a partner is a testament to his exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to build strong relationships. His collaborative approach and exceptional teamwork make him a true asset to the organization.


Chad Rudden Senior Advisor
4 years with Cresa

Chad has proven his work ethic by securing more new client meetings during the last four years than anyone else. This impressive accomplishment reflects Chad's exceptional sales skills, industry knowledge, and ability to connect with people. Furthermore, Chad's unwavering dedication is exemplified by his consistent commitment to being the first one in and the last to leave the office. This level of perseverance sets him apart as a true leader and role model. Additionally, Chad's ability to collaborate effectively with all senior members of the office speaks volumes about his professionalism and interpersonal skills. His positive attitude and amiable nature make him a pleasure to partner with, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment. With his remarkable achievements, tireless work ethic, and collaborative spirit, Chad is unquestionably deserving of the Rising Star award.