Finding office space that can support a nonprofit’s needs and mission isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Cresa knows how to turn this challenge into a strategic opportunity.

Whether you work for your members, a cause or a global mission, Cresa understands your business model. We value relationships, not transactions.

The nonprofit approach to real estate differs from other businesses. Much like for-profit companies, associations and nonprofits run on strategic priorities and cost efficiencies. Unlike these profit-driven businesses, real estate choices are made through a more complex process that involves multiple stakeholders and decision models. Funding issues can be less certain, tax issues more constraining and approval processes more complicated. With office space as your second largest cost, creating an office environment that promotes your organization’s mission to donors, members and guests and attracts the most desired talent become critical goals.

We partner with nonprofit occupiers to align their member needs, mission, goals and community relationships with their space and workplace strategies. No matter what type of nonprofit you are, we collaborate with your executive team, finance committee and full board of directors to ensure transparency and accountability for all real estate decisions. We are sensitive to staff involvement and work with you to create communication and change management plans. Our team applies an integrated approach to manage every stage of the real estate life cycle, from negotiation to implementation to the final build-out of your space. Cresa further commits to the nonprofit community through sponsoring client events, becoming members of industry associations, sitting on boards and volunteering our time to charitable causes.


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May 26, 2020

Impacts of Economic Shocks on Major Metropolitan Markets

The rapid spread of COVID-19, and the public health measures taken to reduce its deadly impacts, have caused significant disruptions to global economic markets. Due to widespread business closures in America’s largest urban markets, and uncertainty over the duration and recovery of the pandemic, commercial real estate markets will face challenges in the coming years.
boston sublease
May 26, 2020

This is What's Happening in Boston's Sublease Market

As a result of widespread layoffs, interrupted cash flow for businesses and the forced efficiency of work-from-home, many companies will conclude that they do not need the same amount of office space as they did before the pandemic began.