Life Sciences

You’re in a crowded space where talent and real estate are limited and at a premium. You need a different approach and real-time market insight to get ahead of the game.

There’s a science to real estate.

Space is limited. Geography is specific. These external realities make securing a high-quality space for top talent in life sciences challenging, but not when you have a partner on your side.

Then, there are your internal realities. Flexibility. Regulatory compliance. Multifunctional space. We specialize in these life sciences nuances and we know your world, the market and all the major players. That means we can move quickly and strategically to get you into the right space suited for your business. Our approach is integrated, giving you access to all of our services, depending on what you need. And we only partner with occupiers, so our recommendations are unbiased and always in your best interest.  

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Latest Insights

May 26, 2020

Impacts of Economic Shocks on Major Metropolitan Markets

The rapid spread of COVID-19, and the public health measures taken to reduce its deadly impacts, have caused significant disruptions to global economic markets. Due to widespread business closures in America’s largest urban markets, and uncertainty over the duration and recovery of the pandemic, commercial real estate markets will face challenges in the coming years.
boston sublease
May 26, 2020

This is What's Happening in Boston's Sublease Market

As a result of widespread layoffs, interrupted cash flow for businesses and the forced efficiency of work-from-home, many companies will conclude that they do not need the same amount of office space as they did before the pandemic began.