How to Brand Your Workplace on a Budget

Amid a booming sublease market, organizations are putting significant thought into whether a new space is their best bet in the short-term as they determine their long-term space needs. While moving into a new space such as a sublease can feel somewhat overwhelming, it can also be an incredible opportunity to leave your mark and create a vibrant, thriving workplace even when on a budget. Here are some tips on how to embrace a new space and create an environment that reflects your organization in the best light.

The Space Case

Whether you’re moving into a short-term sublease situation or settling in somewhere for good, the first step should be to consider all of the elements you're working with. In addition to assessing the space, features, and amenities that you have, you need to consider the logistics of filling it. Will you need to furnish it yourself, or will the furniture be included, which is often the case in many sublease situations. You’ll want to perform a concrete analysis of the area and its features beforehand, so you can move forward knowing exactly what you need.

Solidify your Message

An office tells a story, and you want your workspace to reflect your brand in a positive manner. This means presenting a space that embodies the vision of your company, from the color of the decor to the company logo and signage on the wall. Consider what kind of atmosphere you want to represent your organization’s message. Since signage and branding are likely the first thing clients and employees see when they walk into your space, you want that first impression to be a positive one. It’s a good time to consider whether you want to continue using your current branding or see this as an opportunity for a brand refresh. It’s always better to determine this sooner rather than later in order to save your organization both time and money in the long run.



Cultivate an Atmosphere

While your clients are obviously a vital component of your business, it’s the workforce that spend their days in the office (even if they are on a modified WFH schedule!) That’s why it’s so important that your workplace is one that’s conducive to bringing the best out of your employees. You want your team members to be able to thrive in a place that fosters both community and productivity. This means furniture, equipment and amenities that are welcoming and comfortable, while also professional. Envision the type of reception area you want to serve as the “first look” into your company’s universe. Is the aesthetic best represented through digital signage and AV applications, or through vinyl wall graphics? It’s likely you’ll want to apply other branding elements and signage in other parts of the office, like conference rooms and workstations, so be sure to perform a full evaluation of your options before settling on one choice.



Time to Accessorize

When it’s time to inject the company’s unique viewpoint into the space, furniture colors and fabrics go a long way. Whether it’s panel fabrics and seat cushions or ancillary decor, this type of furniture is easy and inexpensive to customize, especially if your moving into a space where furniture is included. Unique finishes speak volumes as well. Will you embrace a colorful accent wall or untraditional wall coverings? Is hardwood flooring suitable for a busy organization, and do you need ceiling tiles to absorb the sound of constant conversation? Each of these components need to be taken into consideration.



The Financials

While creating your space is an expression of your organization, it’s often outside experts who understand the best methods to find good deals. Don’t hesitate to consult the experts who understand the supply chain and demand. Often, they’re the people who understand what it takes to find the essentials you need that fit into your budget. Also, they have the partnerships and experience to help find the best deals, which is always an asset.

Branding your workplace can feel like a significant undertaking, but it’s one that strongly solidifies your office’s culture. If you’re considering making a move, it’s important to consult people who can make the transition as seamless as possible. Cresa’s Project Management (PM) and Workplace Planning teams are here to help your organization find the best solution and vendors to ensure your workplace is uniquely you while still on a budget.