91,825 SF Consolidation for Emerald Transportation

  • Emerald Transportation
  • 91,826 sq. ft.
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Client Objectives

Emerald Transportation Solutions, LLC is the leader in lightweight composite refrigerated trucks and vans. The company was occupying out of three warehouses,185,195, and 180 Etowah Trace, totaling 26,000 SF. Emerald Transportation hired Cresa Atlanta to help consolidate its two warehouses at 185 and 195 Etowah Trace to support the company’s strong growth projections in Griffin.


Emerald Transportation signed a lease to take over Norcom Inc.’s 91,826 SF warehouse at 839 Everee Inn Rd. Emerald Transportation consolidated 185 and 195 Etowah Trace into the new facility and continued to occupy 14,115 square feet at 180 Etowah Trace.The new warehouse met all the client’s building requirements with its proximity to employees, size, and necessary outside storage space. The building sits on 18 acres and includes 3,300 square feet of office space.

Emerald Transportation Success Story