Managing the Canopy for Growth

Over the summer months, the vineyard is growing; the leaves are getting bigger to form a canopy and the fruit is being tended to one day create the perfect wine. The process of tending vines is necessary for growth, taking months of preparation and upkeep to balance the different factors of change.

Throughout the summer, the vintner cuts back and reevaluates each vine to enhance the quality of the grape cluster. They evaluate components like fertilizer type, pesticides, and climate change. Like a business, vines need management through every phase of growth. When businesses are growing and in need of other options, they need to call a real estate Advisor and see what opportunities they have. Advisors are experts in their field and can be consultants in all developmental stages of the commercial real estate process.

How do you manage your business when you’re in a fixed lease or experiencing unprecedented growth? Like a vintner, The Advisor looks at the business vineyard process to decide what to change or improve in order to support the growth of your business. This may mean subleasing, terminating, expanding, or relocating within the building. The options can be confusing and endless, and a seasoned commercial real estate expert is pivotal to guide you through the process.

Managing the Canopy for Growth        Managing The Canopy For Growth

Every growing season is different. A vineyard could experience a hailstorm or scorching hot temperatures that affect growth, among many other environmental factors. Managing your business growth is just as important as managing a vineyard canopy. The smart business owner will choose a steward to advise and prune throughout the process.

At this stage of your growing season, the real estate Advisor you select to consult you might not be the person who assisted you originally. It may be wise to choose someone at a different level of consultative real estate that offers a variety of services like Transaction Management, Project Management, Consulting, and Location Strategy and Economic Incentives. Your business needs a company like Cresa on your side to help you make better informed real estate decisions. We partner with occupiers to uncover opportunities that help your business work, create, build and grow…better. 

Nance Donaldson has over 25 years of experience in all facets of Commercial Real Estate. She represents occupiers from a wide range of industries, specializing in both office and industrial lease negotiations. She is a Level 3 Sommelier from Atlanta and enjoys blending wine with real estate as she "toasts" her clients at the closing table.