5 Common Business Challenges Your Real Estate Advisor Can Solve

At Cresa, we pride ourselves on being relationship-oriented, not transaction-oriented. We seek a lasting partnership with our clients, striving to understand the business needs behind your space requirement.

No two businesses are the same, which is why our full suite of integrated services allows us to offer customized, end-to-end real estate solutions.

Here are just a few examples of the challenges our advisors can help you turn into opportunities.

Challenge 1: You need to reduce expenses.

We know that behind people, real estate, for most organizations is the largest expense. We also know that you are likely paying for space that you don’t use. One occupier survey showed that on average organizations were able to dispose of nearly 60% of their unused seats.

Recently Cresa’s Washington DC office was able to help a nonprofit organization cut their square footage by 22% 5-years prior to their lease expiration. View their story here.

In the past two years, we have also seen a record number of subleases hit the market. While these two strategies are not the best course of action for every occupier, they are options that a Cresa advisor can help you explore.


Challenge 2: You need to increase collaboration and productivity.

Your workspace has always played a critical roll in facilitating collaboration and interactions which is why hybrid and remote work models accelerated by the pandemic have led to increased concern for workplace culture. Now, that the nature of the workspace has changed,  the question is “How do we take advantage of the opportunity to re-think our workspace to enhance collaboration, maximize productivity, and recruit and retain top-tier talent? 

The workplace has been transformed into a network of flexible, convenient, and on-demand spaces that leverage technologies to allow freedom of movement and purposeful collaboration. Dive deeper into how to get the most out of the Workplace 2.0 here. 

Whether your team works in a single office or in hybrid remote locations, Cresa’s workspace experts understand how influential the right work environment can be and will work with you to develop a space that enhances productivity and innovation. Whether optimizing your current workspace, creating a new design, leveraging technology solutions, or helping with relocation and decommissioning strategies, we’re committed to enhancing the way you work. 


Challenge 3: Your workforce demands flexibility.

The workplace is changing.

In a recent interview with CoStar: , Tricia Trester, head of global portfolio solutions at Cresa, said traditionally discussions about real estate with clients about where to relocate were based on price and the type of building. "Now it's all revolving around the people and who want to come back to work and what type of space do they want if they do come back. And what if they don't? That speaks to a hybrid model," said Trester. "You might not need the same type of space, or maybe you need a satellite office."

Cresa can help you navigate the critical requirements of a successful hybrid work strategy including human resources, operations, technology, cybersecurity, compliance and real estate. We identify potential improvements and help you develop a plan that supports your employees – no matter where they work.


Challenge 4: You need to prepare for future growth.

Hiring is a challenge. The good news is its one you can prepare for. Whether you need to hire in the tech industry fill warehousing positions, your location matters.

Are you in the right locations to attract the talent you need?

Cresa’s consulting team can leverage cutting-edge technology to evaluate labor availability, competition, and cost trends in your prospective markets to ensure a location strategy that supports your talent acquisition plan.


Challenge 5:Your team doesn’t have the time or the expertise to manage a construction project, renovation, or move. 

Many tenants begin build-to-suit or tenant improvement projects with internal company resources, but find as the project progresses, they lack the requisite knowledge and find that the process is far more complex and time intensive than originally thought. This overestimation of capacity can lead to significant time delays and budget problems for the tenant that cause the project to quickly spiral out of control.

Learn more about what to look for in a project manager here.


 integrated corporate real estate service lines


No matter what your business challenge is, Cresa's full suite of integrated services allow us to offer customized solutions. From site selection and workplace strategy to construction and move management, our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way.

Each of our services is fully scalable, allowing our team to move nimbly and quickly make the adjustments required to meet the evolving needs of your portfolio.  We are capable of this flexibility around the globe, regardless of a project’s location, helping us to provide the highest level of service to your business units worldwide.  By integrating all of our service lines, from a single point of contact, we connect the dots, so you don’t have to, allowing you to focus on what really matters most – your business.