How Employee Preference Metrics Can Help You Actually Make a Decision Regarding Your Real Estate


Employee Preference Metrics


The way in which we work has been fundamentally altered. Current events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, a polarizing political climate, a societal reckoning with key social issues, global conflicts, major supply chain issues, and a looming recession all have impacted how businesses operate and how leadership teams make decisions involving their employees.

Mistakes in real estate are costly. Combine the high stakes with an endless stream of variables, and it is no wonder why many leadership teams are struggling to make decisions. More than ever before we are witnessing executives stalling, attempting to collect data, and evaluating… ultimately delaying the very decision that could make positive and lasting impacts on their people and portfolio. We have worked with hundreds of organizations over the past two years, helping businesses in various industries, both public and private, to build and execute strategic plans for their workplaces and the people that occupy them. As a part of that work, our team has surveyed more than 30,000 individuals of various seniority levels that work in office settings.


preferred workplace time distribution


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