Liability or asset? Real estate in a post-pandemic world

The past year-and-a-half has been marked with significant business challenges, business disruptions, strains on technology platforms, and shifts in work styles. Despite these challenges, there have been some positive takeaways.

Both employers and employees found new ways to maintain business continuity in a strikingly different work environment. Employers learned that remote work can and does work for much of the workforce. Knowledge workers of all generations rapidly embraced technology, which resulted in a boom in productivity. Now, as more employees contemplate a return to the office, many are left with a dilemma. Employees do not want to sacrifice productivity gain and flexibility for commutes and distractions of CBD officing, but at the same time, they desire to congregate and work at least part of their time in an office. Although employers remain focused on business-first objectives (i.e. revenue and profitably) one of the most significant employer takeaways of the past year-and-a-half is the realization that talented employees are a companies’ greatest asset. With this realization comes a battle for talent. The talent war is in full swing, and the workplace is becoming an integral component to attract and retain the best talent. But how to best allocate resources and support this evolving workforce remains a challenge.

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