2017 CoStar Power Broker Award Winners Announced

With the last of 2017’s commercial real estate transactions closed out, a number of Cresa offices in North America have again distinguished themselves as top earners and producers in office and industrial leasing. CoStar, an independent research company serving the commercial real estate market, recently announced the winners of the Power Broker Awards; the program recognizes those companies and individuals whose efforts contributed to overall high transaction volumes.

The following offices have been honored as Top Leasing Firms: Atlanta, Baltimore, Calgary, Denver, Los Angeles (Westside), Madison, Milwaukee, Nashville, Sacramento, San Diego, St. Louis, Toronto, and Washington D.C. Washington D.C. is also recognized in the Top Sales Firm category.

The following individuals have been honored as Top Office Leasing Brokers: Scott R. Wingrat (Baltimore), Bill Baldwin (Denver), Brian Davies (LA—Westside), David Toomey (LA—Westside), Gerald A. Porter (LA—Westside), Matthew Miller (LA—Westside), Matthew J. Apter (Madison/Milwaukee), Ross Rikkers (Madison/Milwaukee), Tim Rikkers (Madison/Milwaukee), David McRae (Nashville), David. S. Koziak (Nashville), and Tatum Flynn (Nashville).

The following individuals have been honored as Top Industrial Leasing Brokers: Matthew J. Apter (Madison/Milwaukee), Tim Rikkers (Madison/Milwaukee), Mike Gordon (Phoenix), Douglas W. Bock (St. Louis), Steven Schmid (St. Louis), Mark Bleiwas (Toronto), Sean Hoehn (Toronto), and Steven Rector (Toronto).

We congratulate those offices and individuals who have been recognized for their outstanding performance in 2017. 

A complete list of all those recognized in the 2017 Power Broker Awards can be found at CoStarPowerBrokers.com.