2024 Healthcare Report

Transformation played a major role in 2023 as the healthcare sector reacted to shifts in care due to the lingering impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Artificial intelligence is better predicting clinical outcomes and creating other admin efficiencies. A personal and convenient approach through medical office buildings and ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) are highlighting a shift to outpatient care vs. inpatient facilities.


Healthcare Trends Impacting the Commercial Real Estate Sector


  • Medical office buildings (MOBs) fundamentals remain strong, outperforming traditional office buildings with longer term leases and steady rent growth.


  • Labor shortages driven by limited talent pipelines, demographic shifts and burnout will require more intentional hiring and ongoing support services and site optimization to attract and retain talent.


  • The role of social care is increasing as the traditional health care model of treating illnesses after they occur is shifting towards a holistic approach that addresses social determinants of health.


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