Work From Anywhere - Week 2

Work From Anywhere: Week 2

Costa Rica


So far, my work from anywhere experience has been going well. If you are reading for the first time, I am currently in Costa Rica practicing remote work remotely. Some of the issues I have encountered previously have been travel logistics and telecommunications. Last week, for the most part the telecommunications in Santa Teresa was tolerable and the process worked pretty well.

Over the weekend, we transitioned from Santa Teresa to Tambor. We are at #TangoMar which is a very beautiful place if not a little dated. The internet here is controlled by the resort and we are not able to get the level of speed we need to hold video conference calls and transfer larger files. This is a bit of a challenge for us but we are muddling our way through it. Turning off video during calls seems to be the solution but I do not feel comfortable leading calls or presentations at the level of internet we are able to achieve. 

This past week my observation is around ergonomics. I never really thought of this prior to the trip as I have always had good desks and chairs. This past week...[Read More]