Cresa’s presence in Portland dates back over 25 years, exclusively serving and advising small, medium, and large users of commercial real estate. We advocate solely for the occupier. Period.

We provide tailored, integrated corporate real estate solutions to a diverse set of industries, including financial services, technology, manufacturing and healthcare sectors among many others. Our deep and uncompromising commitment to client services always guides our motto to “Do the Right Thing!” We continue to be trusted partners to small business owners and corporate users alike.

Latest Insights

Mike Whitten selected to ELC
August 27, 2021

Mike Whitten Selected to Emerging Leadership Council

Established in 2013, the Emerging Leadership Council (ELC) serves to elevate the future leaders among us, strategically assisting our organization’s key decision-makers as we work to nurture Cresa’s longevity, integrity, and competitiveness in the marketplace.
Ep11 Connors
August 12, 2021

Think Beyond Space Podcast: Episode 11 with Sean Connors

On a recent episode of Think Beyond Space | The PDX WSorkplace Insider podcast, host Blake St. Onge sat down with Sean Connors, a Senior Advisor for Cresa Portland. Sean and Blake discussed the current state of the Portland office market, and opportunities for companies in the new world of work.
Q2 2021 Office Market Report
August 7, 2021

Q2 2021 - Portland Office market report

There have been many story lines in the commercial office market over the last 18 months. The predominant issue is how the “remote work” trend will impact the office market, and based on available data, it is proving to be very challenging for the office market landlords. This is not just a downtown issue, which has dealt with a variety of issues including the remote work trend, but it is visible across the entire Portland Metro as well. Availability rates are…[Read More]
Q2 Portland Industrial report
August 6, 2021

Q2 2021 - Portland Industrial Market Report

The brief pause of 2Q 2020 due to COVID is a distant memory compared to the market dynamics of 2Q 2021. Occupancy costs are at all-time highs along with construction costs for everything from basic materials, labor, parts and equipment. Exacerbating this situation is a very tight supply of existing spaces and... [Read More]
Bob Speltz
July 27, 2021

Bob Speltz, Senior Director of Community Relations at The Standard

Bob Speltz is the Senior Director of Community Relations for The Standard. In this episode, host Blake St. Onge sits down with Bob to learn how The Standard's deep roots in Portland and their culture of philanthropy helped them support their 3,000 employees the past 15 months.
Colleen Murray
July 16, 2021

Evolving to a Hybrid Workplace with Colleen Murray, Director of Operations for Perkins & Co

As Colleen’s team at Perkins & Co started planning for reopening their office, they knew there would be a lot to contend with, and having a detailed, thoughtful plan was essential to communicate. “We’ve thought about it extensively in our reopening planning. How do we make people feel ok about this? How do we give them the space to re-enter (the office) that works for them and their family?” Colleen said.
Cement Workers
July 15, 2021

Building material costs - A bubble soon to pop?

For the building materials industry, the COVID shutdown was very short-lived and not only reversed quickly, but demand sent prices of some materials to record levels that to continue today. Are increased material costs here to stay?


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