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Client Objectives

IMS Brogan’s lease for 26,500 SF was expiring in August 2012. Having recently been acquired and endured some layoffs, the Ottawa office suffered from low morale. The existing furniture was old but functional and IMS did not perceive it as problematic.


With Cresa’s leadership, IMS established a new furniture standard & footprint and reduce their space requirement from 21,500 to 13,951: a savings of 7,154 SF.

This savings allowed IMS Brogan to purchase all new system furniture, seating and a sound masking system for the new location.


The final renovation cost was less than the negotiated TI Allowance so Cresa negotiated that the unused cash be applied toward rent.

The project was completed on time and 23% under budget. Lease savings achieved of +$3,000,000 over the lease term.

Your vision and insight allowed IMS Health to realize savings in Ottawa of over $300,000 per year by leading us to adopt a new accommodation standard which, not only saved us money, also significantly improved our staff’s workplace environment. The Cresa approach to integrating strategy, negotiations and project management just made it so easy. You kept me informed at all times and managed to overcome some significant IT related delays that, though no fault of yours, could have proven disastrous to our schedule and budget if not for your skilled troubleshooting. And you still managed to come in under budget!
Jeffrey D. Johnson  |  Director of Real Estate
IMS Brogan