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Client Objectives

Jim Pirot, Managing Principal - Project Management, was the Executive Director of Facilities and Real Estate at the School for Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. He managed a portfolio of over one million square feet of academic, administrative, and student housing; all located throughout the city. During Jim’s time with SVA, he was part of the team that developed two groundup student dormitories, which provided housing for over 400 students, one at 101 East 10th street and the second located at 101 Ludlow Street. He also worked on the development of the Fine Arts Building, which involved the joint efforts of department heads and design teams. Jim also directed the leasing program for SVA’s properties that was directed a non-SVA tenants who occupied excess space at SVA locations.


Jim’s oversight and management of academic, administrative, student housing and multipurpose facilities proved invaluable to SVA in order to recruit and maintain students for the curriculum and campus. Through Jim’s guidance, our team understands the issues, challenges, schedules and timing higher educational institutions face each year. With the school year occurring between August and May, only three months are allocated for the execution of planned improvements.