Cresa moves into the future with its Smart Buildings Solutions platform

Cresa’s groundbreaking Smart Buildings Solutions program is on a mission to establish strategic partnerships with national and global firms within the smart building technology sector. Together, these technology partners are enabling Cresa to better advise on modifying existing space programming for occupiers, along with base-building infrastructure systems, while agnostically utilizing current providers of similar technology services to meet Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards and sustainability goals.

Our first partnership earlier this year was with Prescriptive Data and its flagship product Nantum OS. A privately held, smart-building technology company, Prescriptive Data focuses on the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize the tenant experience while decreasing carbon emissions. We specifically selected the Nantum OS platform because of its flexibility and ease of adaptation in managing base building infrastructure. It is a platform that effectively allows occupiers to quickly respond to employees’ wants and needs in terms of energy, wellness, and sustainability.

A workspace game-changer, Nantum OS additionally analyzes historical and real-time data from people counting devices, indoor air quality sensors, building meters, and distributed energy resources, such as battery storage, on-site generation, fuel cell, solar, and more. Through AI, it is capable of optimizing HVAC systems in real-time, guaranteeing the least amount of energy is employed to provide the maximum amount of health and comfort for occupiers.

Most importantly, it will enable Cresa advisors to assist clients in multiple ways, including measuring space utilization across office portfolios; measuring and reporting energy and carbon footprints to local reporting bodies; tracking and mitigating against water, leaks, and floods; and utilizing AI/ML to automate workplaces to reduce energy use, utility costs, and carbon emissions.

wtec and smartengine

Recently, Smart Buildings Solutions announced a second strategic partnership, comprising the revolutionary AI proptech company called wtec -- a global developer of technology dedicated to innovation and reducing environmental impact -- and its smartengine product. The state-of-the-art platform consists of a network-powered, low voltage smart building technology that delivers real-time IP data from a fine-mesh sensor network while powering and controlling LED fixtures with best-in-class energy efficiency. From our standpoint as advisors, this is a technology that is capable of achieving energy savings of up to 75 percent for occupiers! 

These amazing platforms represent the very beginning of Cresa’s Smart Buildings Solutions platform. Launched through the New York office, our commitment to providing the most innovative technologies reinforces our Company’s holistic approach to today’s workplace -- and well into the future! We must be equally focused on worldwide sustainability initiatives, while providing the most advanced workplace options for our clients. These values and revolutionary tools will continue to distinguish the Cresa brand and its global presence.