Cresa Launches Integrated Control Solutions Division Headed by Kevin Mackey

Cresa, the world’s largest occupier-centric commercial real estate firm, has launched the Integrated Control Solutions division. Leading the group will be veteran IT and construction specialist Kevin P. Mackey, Principal, Integrated Control Solutions. The ICS team will work under the auspices of the New York Managing Principal James Pirot. They will consult on such office-based technologies as digital ceilings, LED lighting systems, Power over Ethernet (PoE) programs, Digital Antenna Systems (DAS), and more.

ICS has been established to advise current and prospective clients on best practices to optimize the advantages offered by IoT solutions and technology-based energy savings, including PoE lighting. ICS will collaborate with architects, engineers, lighting designers, manufacturers and end-users. This approach will enable the implementation of fully-integrated, cost-effective, and “state-of-the art” end-to-end solutions.

“Adaptation of PoE lighting, digital ceiling, Smart Building technologies, emerging IoT capabilities and sustainability are critical to twenty-first century building owners and tenants,” says Mr. Mackey. “ICS is leading the way by having created an advisory group focused on all aspects of acquiring IoT technologies from configuration and budget to project completion.”

In addition, ICS will offer advisory and execution services for energy reductions that have been approved to quality for energy rebates.

“This is an opportunity to provide clients with the ease of having an agnostic end-to-end solution provider who will develop a program resulting in forward-thinking technology affecting the workspace and beyond,” points out Mr. Pirot. “Not to mention, there are sustainability offerings and cost savings that utilize PoE solutions, plus operational information that will be made available through the data these systems deliver for current and future space development. We are especially excited that heading the team are proven, lifelong specialists in both IT and construction.”

Prior to joining Cresa, Mr. Mackey was the managing director for Security by Design and Wire Works Business Systems. His expertise encompasses PoE lighting integration, designing and implementing infrastructure cabling, electronic security integration, audio-visual design, sound masking systems, antenna systems and wireless platforms. Earlier in his career, he owned and operated his own firm specializing in IT fit-outs for more than 20 years.

“Offices using managed voltages to power LED lighting, security cameras, screens and HVAC offer safer and more productive workplace environments,” adds Mr. Mackey. “Our team will be able to participate in the earliest stages of an office search to help clients identify the most efficient uses for the space, leveraging the latest technologies.”

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