Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If you’re re-thinking your office space needs in NYC and considering if you should stay in your existing space or go to a new (smaller, larger, better, less expensive, pick your adjective) space, we’re here to help. 

As you think about this decision, here is a Stay or Go Analysis that outlines what you should be thinking about and how we can help. Here’s the bottom line: whether you stay or go, you should save money vs. what you’re currently paying (and we can show you what this looks like in a financial analysis). Landlords are willing to do a lot to keep you – or get you – especially in this market.

Why trust us? We’re doing brokerage differently; unlike the others, we only represent tenants and never landlords. That means no hidden allegiances to specific landlords and no steering, and a unique ability to negotiate aggressively on your behalf; our only goal is to shoot you straight, save you money and help you make the best decision no matter which direction you choose.