To expand or not to expand

  • RUI Credit Services
  • 50,000 sq. ft.
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client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

  • Consider expanding locally and nationally to service both east and west coast clients
  • Need to “outsource” data recovery and provide a disaster recovery option
  • Identify markets with infrastructure to minimize potential disaster “down time”
  • Dispose of obsolete site to provide additional revenue source by eliminating multiple rents


  • Cost Savings: by including a right of first offer in the lease for any adjacent space Cresa provided an option for immediate growth without the cost of relocation.
  • Identified the ideal conditions and location for an operation in Phoenix to service the client’s west coast vendors.
  • Disposed of the client’s older installation through subleasing which resulted in additional savings.
  • Multiple locations with uninterrupted power sources provided adequate redundancy without the need for a “third” specialized disaster recovery location.
We were considering several options and needed help in determining the best course of action for the company. Cresa provided the insight to help us make the sound choices and informed decisions. We are now servicing our clients on both coasts without increasing our overhead, great team, great job

RUI Credit Services