Whitepaper Recap: The Renewed Importance of Location Analytics

As cities and companies navigate a halting return-to-office, organizational leaders are recognizing that a strategic and desirable office location is critical in promoting in-office presence. While office location was not a major consideration during the pandemic years of remote work, it is once again top of mind for employees facing long commutes and office leaders looking to encourage in-person work and collaboration.


For organizations considering a move, powerful mapping and technology tools can help identify the best potential locations for their current employees and target talent pools. These tools are especially useful for companies looking to increase in-office presence: as commuting traffic has bounced back to pre-pandemic levels – and in some places even higher – employees cite the weekday commute as a primary deterrent in coming back to the office.


Cresa’s whitepaper explores the dynamics behind the latest return-to-office movement and presents tools to uncover key insights around employee commutes and develop optimal location strategies.