The Pandemic PM Impact: How Has Project Management Changed Since 2020?

Three years since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re beginning to see its long-term effects on aspects of our lives both big and small. This holds true in the commercial real estate industry, where various processes and best practices have evolved in response to pandemic-related changes. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable updates in the world of project management, including some of our recommendations to help your real estate solutions stand the test of time.

Data-Driven Programming

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to collect data from employees about their work habits and preferences for both in-person and remote work. How many days do you commute to the office? Which days? What activities make up your workday, and what types of spaces best support those activities? Does the office easily facilitate collaborative work? Collecting this data directly from employees helps create a more accurate picture of the organization and the space and ensures that designers and PMs are tailoring decisions to the users.

Furniture Fix

With the increase in video calls, we encourage our clients to invest in furniture solutions like phone booths, which offer private spaces without the hassle of conference room buildouts. Creative furniture solutions are a non-disruptive, cost-efficient way for companies to maximize utilization and support a variety of workstyles. This can also be a way to pilot new space types and layouts before undergoing a full construction project.

Leverage Technology

Conference and phone rooms are in high demand given the increase in meetings. Investing in a room scheduling system (through an AV vendor or even Outlook) can help resolve scheduling headaches and allow clients to use their spaces more efficiently and effectively. These types of reservations platforms can also help clients pilot and implement hoteling desk systems to ensure everyone has a seat when they need one.

The post-pandemic workplace re-entry has presented a great opportunity for organizations to reconsider their space to better support their work and teams. For more ideas on how to implement creative solutions within your workplace, reach out to our project management advisors.