Long Commutes Are Back. Podcasts Can Help.

Many companies have rolled out hybrid work strategies as part of the widespread ‘return to office’ taking place. While any degree of remote work would seem to lessen the strain on urban roadways and infrastructure, the data tells another story. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday have emerged as the most popular days for workers to commute to the office, which has driven congestion on those days back to pre-pandemic rates – sometimes even higher. Even in Massachusetts, where nearly 24% of employees work primarily remotely, commuters are lamenting the return of lengthy travel times.

Fortunately for commuters, public transportation projects should offer some relief in the near future. The MBTA has several renovation projects underway as part of a 5-year, $9.6 billion plan to improve an aging and unreliable transportation network and provide a more appealing rider experience.

In the meantime, long commute times don’t have to be wasted. Bus, train, and car commuters can use their travel time to reflect, refocus, catch up on email to jumpstart the day, or even squeeze in some professional development. For those looking to hone their work skills, here are some of my favorite podcasts to make the most of my commute:


How to Be Awesome at Your Job

Each week, former consultant and professional coach Pete Mockaitis interviews high performers and business leaders about their proven strategies to boost productivity and maximize impact.


Optimal Living Daily

The team behind OLD finds and shares the latest expertise on both personal and professional development.


Ted Talks Daily

Journalist Elise Hu leads weekday discussions with thought leaders around the globe on new innovations across subjects and sectors.


The Moth

This long-running, beloved podcast brings listeners stories that celebrate diversity and the human experience.