Better Space, Better Talent

Your space is an extension of your company. The space a company provides impacts how employees feel, think, and work – the whole office culture, really. Visitors to your office will make judgments, for good and for ill, based on their experience of your space. That includes clients and business partners, and yes – employment candidates. A workspace that is lacking can be a detriment to your recruitment efforts, but knowing how to set your space apart can score you even better talent.

Onsite amenities

Increasingly, work hours at many companies extend beyond the “nine-to-five.” Even so, American workers seek to streamline their lives, capturing back wasted time and establishing a sense of balance between the personal and professional. Ample onsite amenities – from fitness centers to meal programs to childcare centers – can serve both employers seeking to increase productivity and employees seeking to simplify and streamline their lives. The better the amenities, the better your candidates will be.

Foster collaboration…

Beyond the amenities a landlord provides in a building or complex, potential employees are looking closely at how your space is utilized. Increasingly, today’s workers seek spaces that encourage collaboration between colleagues. Many leading companies have traded in the individualized cubicles and offices for an open plan, with ample options for coworkers to meet and congregate – from breakout rooms to lunch rooms to plush “living room” areas.

…and flexibility!

But for those who have implemented an open plan, or plan to, be advised: your potential employees are still looking for more private workspaces where they can escape when all that collaboration is impeding a pressing deadline. In all things relating to your space, flexibility is key, as not all your current or future employees work exactly the same. No matter your overall office design philosophy, be sure to provide an assortment of areas employees can work, including both areas for group work, traditional desks, and standing workspaces.

Design matters

Lastly, don’t forget about the aesthetic of your workspace. It matters. Research out of the University of Texas found that colorful and modern workspaces are more likely to attract recruits than more formal, mono-colored workspaces. And once an employee is onboard, it’s proven that they’re happier and more energetic in a bright, colorful space where design is carefully considered – which is great news for both the worker and company!

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