Providing Project Management Services for Clients' New Locations

  • Education Corporation
  • 45,144 sq. ft.
Services Provided
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client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

The Client operates private accredited colleges across the United States as well as via the Internet from their corporate headquarters. The schools serve the needs of thousands of students while giving employers in the markets where they are located an educated and skilled workforce. In September of 1997, Dennis Compton was engaged by the Client to provide project management services.


Dennis provided the following services:

  • Developed facility standards that would be applied to all planned new locations and eventually be retrofitted at existing locations.
  • Developed a process and team to support the Business Plan and address scheduling and budgeting issues that had been problematic prior to September of 1997.
  • Coordinated the Project Teams and the Corporate Support Groups to continually improve the building process, increase speed to market & enhance the quality of the facilities.
  • Worked with Architects, General Contractors, Signage Vendors, Furniture Vendors, Telecommunications Suppliers, A/V Vendors and Landlords on the Client’s behalf to ensure that the projects ran seamlessly. 

Since the beginning of the Client relationship, Dennis has managed the construction of 27 projects totaling 1,127,608 square feet. The total contract value for these projects was $73,781,020. All of the Projects have been delivered on schedule and within budget tolerances as required by the Client.