Move Over Eastside, This is a Westside (Beltline) Story

“Connectivity” is one of the latest buzz words used in commercial real estate. Often used in the context of geographical proximity, many mixed-use developments around Atlanta can connect you to other transportation, such as MARTA, scooters and electric bikes. But not every mixed-use development helps connect your work life with your social life, or your personal life with the surrounding community, or connect with yourself.

Consider the Eastside Beltline trail in Atlanta. It’s physically connected to Eastside neighborhoods, including Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward and Edgewood. And the area is bustling with activity. From restaurants and food halls to pop-up retail shops and established stores, the Eastside trail is flourishing with activity...and noise.

Studies show that meditation, unplugging and general peace of mind can enhance life longevity (and sanity). Admittedly, Atlanta is a busy, loud city. So how do you escape from the noise? One way to do so is through a visit to the Westside Beltline. Here’s why:

Westside Beltline

1) The Westside Beltline connects you to the community through nature and history.

The Westside Beltline migrates past Washington Park and Eota Park, plus meanders by Westview Cemetery, the largest cemetery in the Southeast. As a quieter, nature-focused and understated alternative to its Eastside cousin, the Westside Beltline is shaded by tunnels and trees, suggesting a peaceful state of mind. After all, we can certainly use more peace of mind in our busy lives. Plus, the Westside trail meanders through three miles of historic neighborhoods, hills and mixed-use developments, indicating the rich history within the Westside neighborhoods. And don’t worry: these trails are safe, thanks to its lights that dim at 11 p.m. and turn on when they detect light, plus security cameras that monitor trail activity.

2) Connect your work life and social life: This Beltline is a physical connection to other parts of the city.

The Westside Beltline will physically connect you to other areas of town - peacefully. The north end of the trail is adjacent to Washington Park, plus a short walk from the Ashby MARTA Station on the East-West Line. The south end of the trail ends at University Avenue and is a short walk to the West End MARTA station on the North-South line. Tying into and overlapping the West End Trail, the Westside Beltline connects you to several Atlanta neighborhoods, including West End, Mozely Park and Westview. Now who doesn’t love a good stroll through historic neighborhoods?


Move Over Eastside, this is a Westside (Beltline) Story

3) We can all use a little more connectivity to each other.

Westside neighborhoods, including Blandtown, Berkeley Park and the Marietta Street Artery are chock-full of Atlanta industrial and railroad history. Once home to most of Atlanta’s workforce, this area became significantly popular (and mostly affordable) to families, young professionals, creatives and students in the neighboring Georgia Tech area over the last 10 years. Explore your city’s history, culture and changes with a visit to these neighborhoods.

Aside from connecting people to each other, the Westside Beltline snakes through popular hang-out spots, including the Westside Provisions District, Ironworks and Monday Night Brewery.

For the past 5 years, many mixed use developments have been underway to not only bring tenants to work in the Westside neighborhoods, but also appreciate the surrounding nature, peace and aesthetics through on-site amenities, including open spaces, outdoor entertainment areas and food halls.

Whether you’re focused on connecting to the community or connecting to others, the Westside Beltline is your one-stop shop for meshing your work and professional lives.

And while many may love the flourishing activity along the Eastside Trail, some may use some peace and quiet - which can be found along the Westside Trail.