Control Costs, Keep the Culture

  • Greenhouse Partners
  • 16,000 sq. ft.
  • Creative Services
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client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

  • For Greenhouse Partners, culture was at top of their priority list. They wanted to stay in Downtown Boulder for the vibrant atmosphere and walkable amenities.
  • They needed more office space to accommodate future growth and the space needed to include room for their film studio and equipment.
  • Above all, Greenhouse Partners needed to control costs in an extremely inflated market. They had seen a rent increase of 35 percent in the past three years alone.


Location: By being a bit flexible on the location, Greenhouse was able to find a bigger, better space for the same rent they we’re paying to be in the heart of Downtown. The new location at 1820 Folsom Street is just on the cusp of Boulder’s central downtown and provides ample walkable amenities and the charming atmosphere they were seeking. As an added amenity, the new building includes free parking, something unheard of in the area.

Changes in Footprint: The new space at 15,000 SF almost doubled the size of their former office, giving them plenty of space to continue their rapid growth trajectory. 

Cost Savings: Greenhouse Partners was able to grow their company and double their footprint, without the added costs to their bottom line.