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Client Objectives

  • After years of regional growth LPL Financial had its San Diego operations spread across seven different sites
  • With the majority of their leases set to expire LPL Financial determined it was time to create a more efficient office environment by bringing all seven sites together under one roof
  • The client desired a state-of-the-art campus that would provide all of its employees with an optimal working environment and technology


Cresa team members from San Diego, Philadelphia and Dallas combined resources to analyze all relevant qualitative and quantitative factors
Cresa was able to create a highly competitive environment among the short-listed landlords and developers which allowed Cresa to negotiate short-term lease extensions on six of LPL’s San Diego sites
The additional time allowed LPL Financial to pursue its ideal scenario – a 415,000 square foot build-to-suit opportunity
Cresa finalized a 15-year lease for 415,000 square feet upon terms that were 14% better than any of the other proposals, resulting in savings to LPL of approximately $30,000,000
Cresa’s Project Management also managed the construction of the tenant improvements and the relocation
We wanted an office that mirrored our reputation: distinguished, professional and high-quality. From the beginning, Cresa understood our business objectives and what we wanted to achieve. Thanks to them we’ve achieved a substantial increase in the space at our site and are well on our way to buying our future home

LPL Financial