Cresa Women Recognized

The women of Cresa’s Phoenix office were spotlighted in the North Valley Magazine’s August/September 2018 Women in Business issue. The article reads:

“There’s everyone else. And then there’s them.

In a, historically, male-dominated industry, it’s no wonder that the women of Cresa’s Phoenix office have propelled themselves into the spotlight. They stand behind a firm that, since its inception in 1993, has been committed to the recruitment and retaining of women, and the diversification of commercial real estate. Women make up one third of Cresa’s Phoenix office, and the gap continues to shrink.

Cresa recognizes that men and women many times have a different approach to cultivating and maintain client relationships, winning new business and approaching the way services are provided, therefore they place a high emphasis on building a broad base of women professionals within the firm. 

“I was advised by several people not to get into the commercial real estate industry,” says Ashley Snyder, Principal of Cresa. “Fortunately, I didn’t listen. Coming to Cresa 16 years ago was the best career decision I could have made. I never felt limited in my opportunities for growth within the firm. Cresa provides me with unlimited tools and resources to ensure I am successful in any direction I want to take within the company.” 

Since Cresa never represents landlords, they navigate the landscape for their client’s without bias, and these women have repeatedly uncovered hidden opportunities that work in favor of a client’s overall business strategy. Be it Needs Analysis, Site Selection, Lease or Purchase Negotiation, Schedule Development, Design and Construction or Vendor Management, they’ve purpose-built their team with occupiers at the forefront of everything they do. And, in return, it’s illuminated their exceptional acumen in achieving proven results for their clients.