The Amazing Space Podcast - Episode #3

Episode #3: The Open Plan Workspace

Created and hosted by Cresa Nonprofit practice group leaders Mindy Saffer and Lucia Hedke, The Amazing Space covers trends, challenges and the real estate journey with some of the nation’s most prominent Association leaders.

Associated Builders and Contractors has undergone the shift from traditional compartmentalized office design to the increasingly popular “open office” approach. With a discussion of the outcomes of this transition, including collaboration, efficiency, communication, as well as reflecting brand identity, you’ll get a unique glimpse into their new office culture.

Join Michael Bellaman, Peter Comstock and Tia Perry from Associated Builders and Contractors as they discuss the impact an open office environment has had on their diverse group of staff and associates. In this episode, they discuss how:

  • Working collaboratively in their award-winning space has delivered an increased sense of value to their clients
  • CEO Michael Bellaman is able to remain closely involved with employee relations, now situated in his 120-degree, open-area workspace
  • Respecting an individual’s privacy and providing appropriate feedback to disruptive neighbors is encouraged by senior management
  • Remaining near the legislative divisions of Capitol Hill and accessing top talent were critical factors contributing to the selection of their new office location

Guests: Michael Bellaman, Chief Executive Officer, Associated Builders and Contractors; Tia Perry, Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Associated Builders and Contractors; Peter Comstock, Director, Legislative Affairs, Associated Builders and Contractors

The Amazing Space is taped in Washington, D.C.

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