Success Story: Cresa and Fandango

Finding themselves approaching the end of a 10-year lease in 2017, entertainment giant Fandango was looking for a space that could accommodate their company’s continuing growth. Initial plans to renew their then-current lease and expand onto an adjacent floor were soon reexamined when it was determined the two floors combined couldn’t provide enough space to support Fandango’s growing headcount. The company consulted with Cresa’s Los Angeles Westside team to evaluate 15 alternative sites to find the best real estate solution. They ultimately settled on a two-floor, 97,000 square foot office space that makes up the top two floors of 407 Maple Drive in Beverly Hills. 

The space was designed to meet Fandango’s exact specifications, which included open plan workstations around the perimeter, interior private offices and conference rooms, a central gathering area surrounding an inter-connecting stairway, a large kitchen/cafe, a wellness room and outdoor working spaces that incorporate the natural environment into the design. 

“There’s a lot of diverse activity in this company and it needs a lot of person-to-person collaboration and this space supports that,” says Fandango CEO Paul Yanover. “So many of the departments that wouldn’t normally be working side-by-side are kind of forced to collide, cross-pollinate or cohesively work together,” adds Bianca Boucher, Senior Facilities Manager at Fandango.

The project’s success is attributed in large part to great communication between the client and the project team, says Cresa Principal Dave Toomey. The new space responds to the needs of the business and employees alike and reflects the identity of the company as a whole.