Success Story: Cresa + Booyah Advertising

Post pandemic, Booyah Advertising wanted to make a big change to thier office space. 

Troy Lerner, CEO of Booyah Advertising, and Rick Door, Managing Principal at Cresa, share insights into how investing in the right office environment can boost morale, attract top talent, and impress clients. From thoughtful office design to strategic location choices, learn how this collaboration became the catalyst for success in this modern workplace transformation.



Troy Lerner, CEO, Booyah Adverting:

Booyah is a 20-year-old ad agency headquartered in Denver, CO and we have clients across North America.

What we sell to our clients are effectively people and experts. And so having an environment that attracts experts that want to spend their careers here, is very, very important to us. We have found that culture is what makes that happen.

When we started to think about the return to the office, it was quite a debate, right? People were at home. They were very productive. They reported that they were happy and as we saw other businesses force their employees back. We were scared about the backlash. And so, we approached it very, very carefully. And in the end, we were very happy that our employees wanted to come back. And I think it's a testament to a commitment to culture. We wanted to see each other in person again.


Rick Door, Managing Principal, Cresa:

They wanted to make a change. They wanted to make a big change. They went to primarily closed offices, made a big flight to quality, and thought that's what it would get their people back.



Most people have a private space here with a door that closes and they're able to have their work calls and their personal calls and their private space. There's lots of collaboration spaces. There's this big, beautiful kitchen where people can get together and they do. The kitchen is alive at lunchtime for the coffee breaks in the morning and then the building just offers amenities. And I think it takes the burden off the commute just a little bit. When you know your gym is at the office, there's parking here for you and it just it makes it easy.

The new space for us has been just an absolute shot in the arm of morale and excitement and more so than I thought, right? This new space is higher quality and more impressive than our previous space, but I had no idea the impact that it would have on our ability to recruit employees and our ability to impress our clients with who we are.

For a business of our size, I think cost and expenses are always a reality and real estate is one of those top lines for us. So, when we thought about moving, we were certainly inside of a box of a budget and we never thought that something like this would be within our grasp until our brokers showed it to us and it made it possible, the number worked.



Troy looks at this as the deal of the century. And at the end of the day, it was a good deal, but it was also the right deal. It was the right location for this business, for his employees, for him to be successful. And that, at the end of the day, is the most important thing for the company to be successful in these places. It's not just about the price, the location and how much space. It's really, hey can I hire here. Will my employees like it here? Will they enjoy where they're sitting? Will they enjoy the collaboration of the space? Every company is different, and you have to look at every one as an individual.