Empowering our Employees through Diversity and Inclusion

Maintaining Cresa’s status as the largest and most influential occupier-focused representation firm in the world requires an internal culture that respects and encourages each employee’s unique point of view.

In 2018, we formally structured and launched our Diversity and Inclusion Program, highlighting it as a priority for leaders across all markets. The goals of this program are to gather a multi-faceted employee base, to create a workplace that enables self-expression and to nurture each person’s individual growth and ideas.

Diversity Council team 

"Our Diversity and Inclusion initiative is part of what we want to be known for. We are going to be providing metrics and accountability to what we do as a company. We respect, recognize and value every associate within our firm and will implement these policies and programs to ensure that all our people see and feel the commitment we have to this important initiative.” – Jim Underhill, Chief Executive Officer

The program is positioned to align with Cresa’s overall business strategy, targeting goals that include:

Diversified hiring. We’ve created a recruitment plan to increase representation and bridge generational gaps.

Quantifiable change. A new Employee Survey will provide metrics around inclusion proxy. Based on this feedback, we can create a plan to impact those scores.

Increased awareness. Communication with and education of our associates on a local level will create a forum in which they can openly discuss thoughts, concerns and ideas.

Benchmarking. We intend to exceed industry standards for compliance.

One of the primary reasons for the institution of this program is our dedication to providing world-class service. It is critical that we are able to interpret the business world from our clients’ point of view, that we understand their technical language, that we can hear the words they’re not saying. To partner on a sophisticated level, our local teams need to be constructed of diverse personalities and experiences in an inclusive environment of collaboration and mentorship.

Combining the diverse backgrounds and experiences of individuals within an organization creates a formidable ally to progression: perspective. With perspective, we are empowered to better develop creative solutions for our clients. At Cresa, we are driven to make a meaningful impact on the communities we work within, establish a distinct culture within our firm and support a valuable group of diverse teams across the globe.