Success Story: Cresa + EyeQ Monitoring

Industrial Requirements In a Class A Office Space


Since 2016, Cresa Principal Brooks Morris has been working with EyeQ Monitoring. The company's recent move brought some unique requirements and challenges including the need for storage, a freight elevator, standby power, generators, and 24/7 access for their staff all within a Class A office space. Learn how Cresa's team in Atlanta helped EyeQ find and foster the best environment for their business.




Markus Scott, CEO, EyeQ Monitoring: At Eye Q we are a provider of remote virtual guards and virtual service advisors to the automotive industry as well as multifamily commercial real estate. The basic idea is that we take surveillance technology and figure out ways to automate human tasks and loss prevention. We have a very unique business model that is a little bit of a challenge for Class A space. One of those is the fact that we have to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Clayton Kemp, COO, EyeQ Monitoring: Being an operating company and having the ability to both receive and ship equipment isn't typical for a Class A space. So having a service elevator that goes directly into our stockroom is very helpful from the building. We are also a UL-listed monitoring center, so standby power, generators, transfer switches and things of that nature were really critical to making sure that our operations stay online.


Markus: Finding the right Class A space that was easy to get in and out of, that allowed our technicians to move freely, that allowed us to move equipment in and out of the facility was a unique challenge that required frankly having a partner that understood our business really well. Someone that had seen our operations and knew the challenges and could go and find the right Class A space for us to move into for the future.


Brooks Morris, Principal, Cresa: When we looked at this next step, we sat down with every business department and really tried to understand what their employees' needs were and what their desires were to flourish in the working environment. To identify what we needed to do within the four walls of their next office we sat with senior leadership to identify where they were going with the brand and where they going with the future employees that they are going to hire and that really kicked off the project.


Markus: They've been a great partner in thinking through the different pieces of evolution of our business and how to proactively get us into the right space that was going to match what our needs were. The great thing that I love about Brooks and the Cresa team here in Atlanta is that they've just frankly been with us since day one. We've been working with Cresa since 2016, so we've worked with them for the last eight years and they've been a great partner in thinking through the different pieces of the evolution of our business and how to proactively get us into the right space that was going to match what our needs were.


Brooks: One of the things that as a tenant rep-only firm we were able to do is to look at the landlord's financials. In this case for this particular building, they had commercial mortgage-backed security which is public knowledge of how they have their debt structured. I was able to communicate that with Markus and build some trust around the fact that this landlord is hungrier than most. Other tenant rep firms just can't do that because 80% of their revenues come from landlord fees and their biggest clients are the owners of buildings. We don't have that conflict of interest and because of that we're able to approach every single transaction much differently.


Clayton: You know working with Cresa, who really understood our functional requirements as a business and our needs for being operational 24/7 really played a huge role in the success of our move.  


Markus: I would describe them as relational and long tenured. I would describe them as market thought leaders and that's been a huge partnership for us and growing our business.