Executing Corporate ESG Goals

A New Era of Corporate Real Estate

Accelerating Growth in Highly Innovative Industries


As businesses navigate their unique Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) missions, corporate real estate leaders are tasked with tracking their physical footprint’s impact on core goals and overall corporate impact.

ESG principles are a significant determinant of how executives think about transactions and a portfolio. By deploying evolving location strategy principles and innovative intelligence tools, a business can determine if its current footprint even allows it to meet these core objectives. If not, then these same tools can be used to identify alternative markets and sites which may prove advantageous for the future.

Here are a few changes we are seeing. 

ESG Best practices for corporate real estate

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For more informations view the Hickey's guide on realizing corporate ESG goals which covers the following insights. This report is designed to help you align these goals with your location strategies and real estate portfolio.


ESG Report Key Takeaways:

  • Grasp the growing importance of ESG in shaping real estate portfolio management and location strategies.

  • Realize that your real estate is the physical representation of your company's ESG culture and understand why bridging the gap between ESG ambition and execution is vital.

  • Learn from Hickey & Associates' process for analyzing and scoring real estate facilities and portfolios to drive ESG goals and compliance.
  • Find out about government incentives that support the execution of ESG goals in facilities and site selection.
  • Understand the crucial role Economic Development Organizations play in supporting companies' ESG critical location factors.


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