Canada's Superclusters: Accelerating Growth in Highly Innovative Industries

In 2017, the Canadian government announced the creation of an innovation supercluster development process (renamed Global Innovation Clusters in 2021).
This policy initiative aimed to develop density in 5 regions of the country to drive innovation through the collaboration of businesses, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations. With an initial funding of close to $1 billion and a matching contribution from industry, the initiative has created 5 clusters across Canada.
The Government of Canada’s initial ambition was to create over 50,000 jobs and increase GDP by $50 billion over 10 years. To date, more than 480 projects (including 80 against COVID-19) have been funded, totaling more than $2.16 billion and involving 2,045 partners across the country. The initiative has generated over 800 intellectual property rights.
In 2022, the federal government announced an additional $750 million to be distributed competitively across the five clusters based on the projects submitted. All existing organizations are in a position to receive applications for ongoing funding for the next few years.

1. Digital Technology

Based in British Columbia, this cluster is unlocking the potential of data. Using virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, data, and quantum computing, the Digital Technology Cluster is solving productivity, health, and sustainability challenges.
Total Funding: Up To $173 Million


2. Protein Industries

Based in the Prairie Provinces, this cluster is evolving agricultural production with plant genomics and novel processing.
Total Funding: Up To $173 Million


3. Advanced Manufacturing

This Ontario-based cluster is building next-generation manufacturing capabilities by adopting advanced processes and developing and deploying new technologies like robotics and 3D printing.
Total Funding: Up To $250 Million


4. Scale AI

The Scale AI cluster, based in Quebec, is building the supply chains of the future using artificial intelligence and robotic technologies.
Total Funding: Up To $230 Million


5. Ocean

Based in Atlantic Canada, the Ocean Cluster is tapping the combined strengths of the industries operating in Canada’s oceans, including marine renewable energy, fisheries, aquaculture, oil and gas, defense, shipbuilding, transportation and ocean technology.
Total Funding: Up To $153 Million
Canada’s Global Innovation Clusters incentive is just one of the initiatives highlighted in Hickey’s Canada Credits and Incentive’s 2023 Report. Download to learn more about the current funding opportunities available in Canada.