HR in the Car - Episode 19: "It's Not About Real Estate, It's About People"


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Your business space has a drastic impact on your company's identity and brand. In this episode of HR in the Car, Todd Stevens talks to us about the many elements involved in choosing the right space to invite your people to work with you on a daily basis. We walk through Todd’s journey into the commercial real estate space and learn about his impact on local business culture and engagement, through designing and developing the right space for their organizations. Additionally, we learned something new about our neighbor, that he is a long-standing, volunteer firefighter in the Town of Colonie.

About Todd

Todd is a Vice President with Cresa and has managed the Albany office’s accounts since 2017. As their clients’ advocate, he provides guidance in implementing real estate strategy to meet their operational and financial goals. His specialties include strategic planning, market analysis, site selection, financial analysis and integrated transaction management. Todd has been an active volunteer firefighter in the Town of Colonie since the age of 14 having served as a captain and lieutenant over the years. He served on the board of directors of Habitat for Humanity Capital District for eight years and held the offices of treasurer and board president. View a transcript of the conversation on Alannt's website or subcribe to the HR in the Car podcast on Spotify, Apple or Amazon.