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A Relocation and Consolidation That Will Serve As The city's City Hall

  • City of Tucker
  • 22,078 sq. ft.
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client objectives and results

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Client Objectives

  • City of Tucker was looking for an office space that could accommodate roughly 20,000 SF and serve as the city’s City Hall and general administration services in a consolidated and updated setting.
  • The new site needed to have plenty of parking, improved security, and easy accessibility.


  • Cresa put together a market survey and toured nine properties that could accommodate approximately 20,000 SF.
  • Cresa’s project management team got involved early in the site selection process, advising City of Tucker on items that needed to be addressed in the counteroffer.
  • Cresa’s transaction management team relocated City of Tucker from a 4,860 SF building they had been in for nearly 4 years to a 22,000 SF facility at 1975 Lakeside Center.
  • Cresa’s project management team guided City of Tucker through design, furniture selection, site evaluation, and preliminary budget for construction.
  • The City’s move to the new site provided a variety of City Hall functions in a single location, with plenty of parking, improved security, and easy accessibility.
  • The space includes modernized design aspects that also reflect City of Tucker’s traditional and industrial roots, incorporating a railroad theme to serve as a reminder of the City’s growth.
Cresa has provided the City with a team of experienced professionals to guide us through this complex process. We are confident that the City has identified the most cost effective, functional space in Tucker with the help of Cresa’s expertise.
Tami Hanlin  |  City Manager
City of Tucker