2019 Cresa Award Winners

As the world’s most trusted occupier-centric commercial real estate firm, our sole mission is to bring the greatest value to occupiers everywhere. In the last year, we’ve worked diligently to recruit and secure the best talent the industry has to offer to augment our existing team to deliver on this promise. Our advisors constantly prioritize the needs of our clients to ensure they ha­­ve the best real estate strategy to support their company’s short- and long-term goals. This year, we’re proud to recognize those individuals who have gone above and beyond to help our clients reach their goals.

William Goade First Citizen Award

The William Goade First Citizen Award is a once-in-a-life time achievement award given to someone who has done an outstanding job for Cresa over a long career with our organization.  Every year, the prior winners of the award gather and choose someone who has been a dedicated and selfless member of our company. Since bringing his company over in 2006, Detroit Managing Principal William Lichwalla has time and again helped lift Cresa to higher standards. He has served on the Board for over half his tenure and led the Finance Committee. Bill consistently gives endless hours of his time to ensure Cresa is a well-run company.


Cresa Service Award

The Cresa Service Award recognizes individuals who exceed expectations in service to Cresa. This year, we honor Washington D.C.’s Kathy Thomas, Managing Principal, Project Management. When Cresa decided to add its first true integrated service in the form of Project Management, Kathy took the lead to drive the concept of seamless integration. Since then, she’s served as Chairperson of Project Management Leadership Committee and co-runs the D.C. PM team that is a major part of the success story behind several of that region’s largest transactions.


2019 Rising Stars

The following individuals have been recognized as 2019 Rising Stars for their continued contributions to their local offices’ success:

Rhett Delk, Client Coordinator, Industrial Services, Atlanta

Scott Polinski, Vice President, Atlanta

Sara Cui, Senior Advisor, Beijing

LaMean Koroma, Senior Advisor, Bethesda

Suzanne Dowd, Workspace Planning, Design & Support, Relocation Manager, Project Manager

Andrew Orpik, Senior Advisor, Boston

Cassie Watts, Vice President, Dallas

Justin Hubler, Advisor, Denver

Meghan Moeltner, Graphic Design Associate, Headquarters

James Friedrich, Vice President, Los Angeles – Downtown

Julia Coiro, Graphic Design Associate, New York City

Paul Orscheln, Vice President, Phoenix

Martyna Balcer, Senior Advisor, Office Department, Poland

Jakub Kurek, Associate Director, Industrial & Warehouse Department, Poland

Alexandria Johnstone, Senior Advisor, Project Management, San Diego

Monica Cornejo, Senior Advisor, South Florida

Sean Spiers, Senior Advisor, Toronto

Sebastian Arrivillaga, Senior Advisor, Washington, D.C.

Austin Evans, Senior Advisor, Project Management, Washington, D.C.


Collaboration Award

The Collaboration Award is given to a group of individuals from different services lines and offices who come together in pursuit of a significant project or account. Individuals from our Cresa offices and our facilities management partner, BGIS, formed a core team to win a sizable portfolio of over 700 locations for a financial client. Of the service providers competing for the account, Cresa was the only firm that exclusively represented occupiers and was privately held, two distinguishing traits that played a role in our ultimate win. We recognize the following team members for their contributions on this noteworthy win:

Scott Bumpas, Managing Principal, Dallas, Transaction Management

Jack Burns, Managing Principal, Boston, Global Portfolio Solutions & Transaction Management

Lisa Fry, Executive Vice President, Global Portfolio Solutions

Malia Rosado, Marketing Manager, Headquarters

Sarah Wager, Vice President, Global Operations, Headquarters

David Nuss, Chief Information Officer, Headquarters

Brant Bryan, Managing Principal, Investment Banking

Deborah Raybon, Senior Vice President, Lease Administration

Adryenne Cooper, Senior Vice President, Lease Administration

Cassie Watts, Vice President, Dallas, Transaction Management & Account Management

Maschera Usrey, Senior Vice President, Dallas, Transaction Management & Account Management

Brooke Benedict, Vice President, Dallas, Transaction Management & Account Management

BGIS, Facilities Management, Project Management & Strategic Management

Global Collaboration Award

Like the Collaboration Award, the Global Collaboration award is given to a team of two or more Cresa offices who join together to provide outstanding real estate services to one of our global clients. This year, Cresa Poland and Cresa Boston teamed up to represent a technology portfolio client in renewing its 125,938 square feet in Krakow, Poland. During the lease re-negotiation, the Cresa team aimed to secure the client’s long-term tenure and growth in Krakow, a key location for the tech firm, and to optimize lease conditions. We recognize the following team members for their contributions on this project:

Bartek Włodarski, Former Managing Principal, Poland

Martyna Balcer, Senior Advisor, Office Department, Poland

Daniel Sullivan, Managing Principal, Boston

Adam Subber, Managing Principal, Boston

Courtney Ofria, Senior Advisor, Account Management, Boston


Top Transaction

We judged Cresa’s top transaction in 2018 based on three determining factors: total lease consideration, largest square footage and highest commission. We honor Dan Foster, Managing Principal, Seattle, for his efforts with a technology company specializing in Internet-related services. Dan has been working with his client for 15 years in the Puget Sound market.

Top Cross-Border Transaction

We also reviewed Cresa’s largest cross-border transaction in 2018 based on total lease consideration, largest square footage of product type and highest lease commission. We honor the following individuals for their work on executing a renewal and built-to-suit project in Seattle for an aerospace and defense client.

Aaron Berkey, Principal, Washington, D.C.

Tom Birnbach, Managing Principal, Washington, D.C.

Lauren Berkey, Vice President, Corporate Solutions, Washington, D.C.

Paul Anderson, Managing Principal, Salt Lake City

Paul Skene, Managing Principal, Salt Lake City


We know how much effort goes into the real estate process and no deal can ever be considered too small to notice. With the highest number of small deals for the entire company for a cybersecurity client, we recognize the following team:

Christina Clark, Managing Principal, Global Portfolio Solutions

Dick Casey, Managing Principal, Hong Kong

Hannah Edelsberg, Account Manager, Global Portfolio Solutions


Chairman’s Award, President’s Awards and Top Producers

We recognize those advisors and project managers who have distinguished themselves as Cresa’s top producers in their respective markets:

Chairman's Award

Jim Bob Taylor, Atlanta

Bella Yan, Beijing

Reson Zhang, Beijing 

Jack Burns, Boston

Tim Myllykangas, Boston

Adam Subber, Boston

Dan Sullivan, Boston

Ed Lowenbaum, Chicago

Brad Metzger, Chicago

Liz Roberts, Chicago

Jeff Estep, Consulting

Todd Ohlandt, Consulting

Matt Ryder, Consulting

Rick Ybarra, Consulting

Garrett Johnson, Denver

Ron Gantner, Detroit

Rick Pifer, Detroit

Brandon Podolski, Detroit

Greg VanKirk, Detroit

Paul Wills - PM, Detroit

Arthur Rubinstein, Germany

Christina Clark, GPS

Andre Granello, Houston,

Chris Lewis, London 

Marc Bretter, LA - Downtown

Lawson Martin, LA - Downtown

Jim Travers, LA - Downtown

Carlo Brignardello, LA - Westside

Brian Davies, LA - Westside

Ray Howden, LA - Westside

Greg Lovett, LA - Westside

Matthew Miller, LA - Westside

Jerry Porter, LA - Westside

David Toomey, LA - Westside

Joe Vazquez - PM, LA - Westside

Seth Wellisch, LA - Westside

Tim Rikkers, Madison

John Behm, Philadelphia

Gary Gregg, Phoenix

Chris Walton, Phoenix

Katarzyna Bojanowicz, Poland

Miłosz Borkowski, Poland

Jakub Kurek, Poland 

Tom Listowski, Poland

Artur Sutor, Poland

James Saunders, San Francisco

Craig Zodikoff, San Francisco 

Parker Ferguson, Seattle

Dan Flinn, Seattle

Dan Foster, Seattle

Matt Hermsen, Seattle

Hans Kemp, Seattle

Bob Mooney, Seattle

Aaron Berkey, Washington, D.C.

Lauren Berkey, Washington, D.C.

Tom Birnbach, Washington, D.C.

Christie Minch - PM, Washington, D.C.

Rich Rhodes, Washington, D.C.

Mindy Saffer, Washington, D.C.

Kathy Thomas - PM, Washington, D.C.

Lynda Schroer, Workspace Planning, Design & Support


President's Award

Bubba Chrismer, Atlanta

Mike Loy - PM, Atlanta

John Engbloom, Calgary

Damon Harmon, Calgary

Adam Hayes, Calgary

Sheila Matuscak, Chicago

Allen Rogoway, Chicago

Scott Bumpas, Dallas

Alex Coe, Dallas 

Adam Burgess, Detroit

Bill Lichwalla, Detroit 

Klaus Hofmann, Germany

Dan Durkin, Kansas City

Paul Anglo, London

Ben Ashby, London

Andy James, London

Steve Eyler, LA - Downtown

Rick Pearson, LA - Westside

Steve Seinfeld, LA - Westside

Dennis Gralla, New Jersey

Jeff Baker, Philadelphia

Scott Maxwell, Phoenix

Jason Wery - PM, Phoenix

Don Mitchell, San Diego

Stephen Carlson, San Francisco

Janna Luce, San Francisco

Scott Stone, San Francisco

Brian Hayden, Seattle

Zachary Talbot, South Florida

Rick Dames, St. Louis

Steve Schmid, St. Louis

Mark Bleiwas, Toronto

Dean Newman, Toronto

Michael Wasyliw, Toronto

Jonathan Harms, Washington, D.C.

Lucia Hedke, Washington, D.C.

Sam Heiber, Washington, D.C.

Matthew Ward, Washington, D.C.


Top Producers

Joe Grace, Atlanta

Billy Hobbs, Atlanta

Cloteen Jasmin, Atlanta

Jason Jones, Atlanta 

Brooks Morris, Atlanta

Andy Roberts, Atlanta 

Tom Tindall, Atlanta 

Chris Marchbanks, Austin

Vincent Ma, Beijing

John Coakley, Boston

Paul Delaney, Boston

Joe Doyle, Boston

John Fitzgerald - PM, Boston

Kelly Lagergren, Boston

Dwight Patten - PM, Boston

Dave Ross, Boston

Joe Sciolla, Boston 

Donna Banks, Calgary 

Josh Hamill, Calgary

Gary Jones, Calgary

David Miles, Calgary

Scott Dumler, Carolinas

Jack Glasgow, Carolinas

Alan Piker, Cincinnati

Bill Baldwin, Denver

Scott Churchley, Denver

Rick Door, Denver

Chad Kollar, Denver 

Mike Carl, Detroit

Kevin Donnelly - PM, Detroit

Erica Holton, Detroit

Ryan Mollen, Detroit

Tony Sorgi, Detroit 

Alicia Washeleski - PM, Detroit 

Alexander Heinz, Germany

Malte Just - PM, Germany

Susanne Painhofer, Germany

Gary Lawless, Houston

Brant Bryan, Investment Banking

David Stringfield, Investment Banking

Richard Caputi, Long Island

Ralph Benzakein, Long Island

Griffin Farriss, LA - Downtown

Clayton Hovivian, LA - Downtown

Stewart Niles, LA - Downtown 

Dennis Smith, LA - Downtown

James Hooks, LA - Westside

Michael Jones, LA - Westside

Pamela Klesert, LA - Westside 

Josh Rand, LA - Westside

Chris Riegel, LA - Westside

Allen Trowbridge, LA - Westside 

Thomas Blitz, Madison

Bruce A. Cowper, Montreal

James Scancarella, New Jersey

Jim Pirot - PM, New York

Jane Roundell, New York

Sarah Castor, Orlando

Martin Aass, Ottawa

Matt Jacques, Ottawa

Dan Marques, Ottawa

Lynn Owen - PM, Ottawa

Rod Beach, Phoenix

Ryan Burkett, Phoenix

Brandon Clarke, Phoenix

Theodore Liles, Phoenix 

Jason Malcolm, Phoenix

Ryan Orton, Phoenix 

Cory Shepard - PM, Phoenix

Beth Stein - PM, Phoenix

Sean Heaton, Portland

Jim Niethammer, Sacramento 

Paul Anderson, Salt Lake City

Mike Chappel, Salt Lake City

Paul Skene, Salt Lake City

Rich Porreco, San Diego

Matthew Elmquist, San Francisco

Jeff Jacobson, Seattle

Tom Rogers, Seattle 

Glenn Olson – PM, South Florida

Doug Bock, St. Louis

Tim Elli - PM, St. Louis

Jamie Grossman, Toronto

Kevin Haverty, Toronto

Sean Hoehn, Toronto 

Michael Lomax - PM, Toronto

John Macintyre, Toronto 

Steven Rector, Toronto

Mark Rodgers, Toronto

Mark Skynner, Toronto

Mark Zettel, Toronto 

Sebastian Arrivillaga, Washington, D.C.

Richard Meadows, Washington, D.C.

Lauren Rizzo, Washington, D.C.

Steve Schaumberg, Washington, D.C.

Scott Wingrat, Washington, D.C.


Cresa Color Wars Winners

Lastly, we honor the winning team of the Cresa Color Wars competition. This year, Cresa teams went head-to-head in several intra-office games to compete for the Color Wars sponsored by Cresa Cares. In addition to choosing a charity for the company to donate to, the winning team earns bragging rights until next year's event. We congratulate the Madison/Minneapolis team on being the first-ever winners of the Color Wars event.


Congratulations to all award winners on their well-deserved recognition. We look forward to another successful year!