Corporate real estate in China has experienced tremendous growth since its rise more than three decades ago. Real estate occupancy costs are now one of the top-three operational expenses for a company, and senior management teams are tasked with achieving the most efficient operational strategy for their business. A professional voice is needed to speak for tenants and to represent the best interests of these occupiers.

Chinese real estate consultancy services have been available for more than two decades. The primary real estate markets in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai, quickly experienced a significant challenge when leasing commercial space – often, the real estate broker represents developers and investors, while they are simultaneously representing tenants. After decades of an immersion in this type of real estate practice, which presents a significant conflict-of-interest, we discovered that to simplify the transaction and nurture an objective relationship with our clients, we needed to streamline our priority.

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November 13, 2018

Creating a New Productive Work Environment

While real estate itself doesn’t create a company’s culture or its success, it can certainly have a significant influence. Following human capital and, in some cases, technology, real estate is a company’s second or third largest expense.


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