Sustainable Workplaces Lead to Happier Employees

It’s no secret that sustainability is an important initiative. If you live on earth, there’s not much arguing against it. But for businesses, it can be tough to know where to begin.

Understanding the why behind implementing more sustainable practices is a key gap we see many organizations fail to bridge. Prioritizing sustainability can significantly help your organization, in a few different ways.

Let’s start somewhere easy. Employees want to work for sustainable companies.

A global study by IBM1 uncovered:

  1. 69% of the workforce said they are more likely to accept a job with an organization they consider to be environmentally sustainable.

  2. 70% of workers said they are more likely to stay with an employer that has a good reputation on environmental sustainability.

  3. Nearly half of respondents said they’d accept a lower salary to work for a sustainable company.

Across the pond, a study2 found that 93% of people working in an “environmentally friendly office” felt happier in their job. We know employees care about sustainability. Now, we want to dive into the specifics:

Prioritizing sustainability provides companies with a significant competitive advantage, improves brand reputation, reduces costs over time, attracts and retains top talent and can help with efficiency and regulatory compliance requirements.

If you’re thinking about sustainability, Cresa can help you.

We provide integrated services of real estate advisors, project managers, interior designers and more, all with the experience and expertise to help you along the path to a sustainable and successful future.

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2 Dezeen staff. (2023, June 7). Design of the workplace report reveals sustainability is “non-negotiable.” Dezeen.