Today’s Cresa for Tomorrow’s World

Today’s Cresa for Tomorrow’s World

At Cresa Global we strongly believe in onboarding practices for ourselves as an organization, along with best practices for our clients.  As a global leader in tenant real estate advisory services, we continuously offer clients forward-thinking initiatives to properly establish, manage, and maintain a strong Environmental Social Governance (ESG) practice. These efforts are more important than ever as we collectively return to the workplace.

Combining ESG return-to-office standards with safety, health, and wellness guidelines, Cresa  partners with clients, industry leaders, and colleagues across all service lines to offer best-in-class opportunities for consideration. These efforts also mandate deeper discussions with landlords, property managers, and developers.

Today’s occupiers of real estate not only must be aware of day-to-day operations but also the impact to municipal compliance, internal regulatory mission statements, and evolving work-life balance standards. Moreover, these values are essential for the recruitment and retention of new and existing employee partnerships.

Our dedicated real estate advisors, workplace strategists, and project management teams diligently adhere to industry standards that may be considered and adopted into an individual organization’s mission statement for compliance under our Smart Building Solutions platform.

Cresa has established partnerships with nationally and globally respected firms who provide insight and suggested adaptations through regulatory standards, combined with common sense and technology practices, to establish healthy and productive work environments. These efforts also enable Cresa to advise on modifying existing space programming for occupiers and base-building infrastructure systems, while agnostically utilizing current providers of similar technology services to accomplish ESG and sustainability goals.

In addition, these practices affect the amenities in and around a building or occupier space to include Health and Wellness standards. Transportation, life safety, food-and-beverage, along with amenities available around an existing or considered office location are all part of the ESG assessment program.

There should be little doubt about efforts for decarbonization and implementation of sustainable accountability. As stewards of the environment and professionals touching billions of square feet of commercial real estate -- and billions more to be developed -- it is our commitment to advise, implement, and actively participate in regulatory standards initiatives to strengthen ESG policies nationwide.     

Please allow us to join you in such conversations as a global leader in making these efforts grow.



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