Rethinking real estate to fuel future success

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we work, prompting office occupiers across all industries to reevaluate their real estate strategies.

Cresa provides occupier-only corporate real estate services to a wide range of companies throughout the Bay Area. After nearly two years of remote work brought on by the pandemic, many companies are eager to return to the office. While understandable, we recommend pausing to reflect on all that has transpired during the most notable workplace transformation of our time. Our advisors can help you rethink your space, adjusting your real estate strategy to support your business and talent in this new era of work.
Rethinking your space
Collectively, our initial response to COVID-19 was similar: companies quickly shifted to remote work wherever possible, prioritizing social distance and elevated sanitization protocols. Many were quick to call these short-term remedies the New Normal but, as we now know, that was just the beginning.

As the pandemic continues, companies are beginning to question the very purpose of the office. While the efficacy and appeal of remote work is undeniable, employees also miss the opportunities for spontaneous collaboration only possible in a shared workplace. This has given rise to the hybrid work model, which means most companies will need a comprehensive plan to support both in-office and remote workers.

However, there is no uniform solution. COVID-19 has impacted each company differently and it’s clear the Great Return to Office is not a collective, one-time event. Instead, occupiers are presented with an opportunity to reassess and reinvent they way they work, crafting a real estate strategy uniquely suited to their team and business. With a range of in-house expertise, our advisors help you navigate this journey. Whether we’re conducting space evaluations or negotiating lease terms on your behalf, Cresa is your unbiased advocate.
Creating value throughout every phase of the journey

Though the pandemic impacted each company uniquely, we identified three common profiles that represent clients looking to optimize their space: High Growth, Static and Distributed Workforce. On the following pages are success stories showcasing our ability to create economic and functional flexibility for clients of every profile.

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