2022 Nonprofit Benchmark Report

Like so many other industries disrupted by COVID-19, leaders of nonprofit organizations find themselves in a state of change. It’s a time of uncertainty where the ability to make thoughtful decisions has been made more complex by factors such as a labor shortage, the great resignation, and the looming threat of recession.

Cresa’s Nonprofit Practice Group provides occupier-only real estate services to nonprofit organizations around the world. To better understand your needs in dealing with the shockwaves of the COVID pandemic, we issued a survey to the leaders of associations, foundations, public charities, and a variety of other nonprofits. We have summarized the results of that survey in this report. Our findings both confirm – and occasionally challenge – industry trends, offering insight into the future of work as many nonprofits explore ways to adapt to today’s economic environment.


Nonprofit Workspace Survey results


Download the report to view the ways in which nonprofits are specifically challenged by remote and hybrid work and to learn what leadership teams are doing to move their organizations forward.